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As a working mom of 4 finding a healthy balance in life is hard. We want to do and provide the best we can for our families, we want to give them the best of everything, but sometimes life has other plans. We’re stretched thin, running from one activity to the next and when dinner time (or any mealtime) rolls around we are constantly bombarded with less than healthy options that are fast, easy and cheap, but leave you feeling far from nourished.

Sam Jaoude, the founder of Eatfitters, saw the need for Houstonians to have access to fresh, flavorful and HEALTHY meal options. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Sam and his passion and embodiment of a healthy lifestyle is clear. Sam lost his father as the result of a heart attack and struggled with the loss- he saw that his father was relatively fit, but discovered that his diet was more to blame for his poor health that his workout habits. It’s true, you really can’t out exercise a bad diet. Sam took this knowledge to heart and began his own quest to wellness. Sam told me that once he finally dialed in his diet he started to see marked results in his own health. Thus began the development of the Eatfitters brand to help others eat their way to better health.

For my Taste Test Experience I was provided meals for one day; 3 entrees and 2 snacks

Turkey HashTurkey Hash HotGinger Cashew ChickenGinger Cashew ChickenCarne GuisadaCarne Guisada

Chicken and FruitChicken and Fruit
Cheescake Square

I was pleased to discover that each entree was well seasoned and full of flavor. Eatfitters offers several plans to accommodate your schedule and your budget. You also have a walk in option and family size meals. Eatfitters also has a trained, certified nutritionist on site that you can meet with to discuss your specific needs and customize a plan for your success.

When selecting my meals the store staff was attentive and eager to answer all of my question. It is clear that when Sam says that he expects passion and drive from his employees he means it! Each staff member must go through extensive training so they can offer insight not just regurgitate facts. Believe me, I tested his staff and I was not disappointed! He knew his stuff!

I’m excited to have this option available to me and I’m looking forward to watching EatFitters grow and become an established part of my community and my health! You will find that EatFitters meals are as diverse as the city we call home! Here’s to supporting local! Check out Eatfitters with Debra Duncan!!!


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I love that this is an available option for when I really don’t have the time or am scrambling for a healthy meal on the go! You really can Be Fit for Life when you take control of your health!

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