The Weekly Chase #1

I’ve been at this blogging thing for a little while and finally, after 3 years shooting off posts blindly, I think I’ve finally come up with a semi-decent editorial calendar! I’ve been following Mindy Bobe at RoadRunner Girl for as long as I’ve been blogging and let me tell you, this girl…she’s amazing. She’s a teacher, a mom, a wife, a friend and a coffee lover 😉 She’s been an inspiration to follow! I can’t lie, she’s kind of the one who really solidified the whole blogging thing for me when she let me be one of her Spotlight Runners!
So now after years of following her, I’ve decided to go ahead and join her on what she calls her Weekly Chase.
Road Runner Girl
What is the Weekly Chase you ask? Quite simply it’s a weekly opportunity to review your goals from the last week, and set new goals for the upcoming week.
Since this is my very first installment I’m not going to worry about last week, I’m only going to focus on my goals for the rest of this week.

Since it’s already the end of the day Tuesday, I’m a little behind the 8 ball already so to speak , but I think I’ve got a good plan to finish out the week strong.

Here goes nothing:

  1. Finish chapters 2 and 3 in my CPT course
  2. Attend 2 social events. The media tasting at Brick House and the Houston Bloggers Monthly Meeting
  3. Make an appointment for my oldest to get her physical for water polo
  4. RUN 40 miles by Sunday the 21st
  5. between 2/14 & 2/20

  6. Increase my water intake back to 1 gallon a day

I think that’s a good start for my very first Weekly Chase.
I sure could use some encouragement and accountability, feel free to follow along.

What are your goals this week?


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