Express Rolls Comes to Houston

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are, as always, MINE*

I heard there was a new sushi place coming to town! Express Rolls, a new concept in sushi dining. I’d never heard of it before and with a family of sushi eating monsters I knew I had to give it a try.  Their sushi is delivered fresh twice a day and set up in an a la carte fashion. The different options are pre packaged and kept in an open front refrigerated case so you can clearly see al the items to choose from.
They had everything from sashimi and nigiri, to traditional rolls and even the most beautiful summer fruit rolls. If raw fish isn’t your thing, don’t worry they’ve got you covered with bento boxes, and rice and vermicelli bowls! If you’re in a hurry you can easily make your selection, pay and head out, or if you’d rather, they will heat any of your ‘hot’ items for you and you can enjoy them the clean, refreshing dining room.

Friendly StaffSince the location closest to my house wasn’t open yet, I headed out to the Memorial Drive store. I was NOT disappointed. These two fellas were absolutely perfect gentlemen! They walked me through all of the selections, and smiled through all my silly questions! And they didn’t even stress when my payment method was argumentative- they simply picked up the phone and asked for help. They didn’t get flustered or rude, they just took care of the customer.

It was later in the day and some of the items were out of stock, but there was still plenty to choose from and I brought home a goldmine of deliciousness. SCORE ALL the SUSHI

I’m not the most savvy sushi aficionado so I just tried to get a little of everything to bring home. This is what I found.Sample rolls nigiri See the one in the middle with the seaweed band…I had NO IDEA that was OCTOPUS!!!octopusLittle S is my foodie freak of nature. This girl isn’t afraid to try anything! We can now add octopus to the list of incredibly odd food that she actually likes! Her facial expressions kill me- she looks like she is going to be sick, but she clearly said she liked it and would definitely eat it again!

My favorite menu item was the summer fruit rolls dipped in a spicy chili sauce. I would make a meal out of just them.summer fruit rolls sashimi

All in all I was very pleased with everything I brought home from Express Rolls. I’m even more excited that the location closest to my house is finally open. You better believe we’ll soon become regulars!

As if good, affordable sushi wasn’t enough of a reason to visit Express Rolls, I just found out that they are partnering with Star of Hope to help support Houston’s homeless community. Please share this whether you like sushi or not. Community outreach programs are worth supporting. We need to share more GOOD and LOVE in the world. It starts in your hometown. I love this!

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