Dear Amanda

Dear Amanda,

I am your heart, I am your perseverance.  I have seen you through every obstacle you’ve ever faced. Here’s the deal. I am a wondrous creature. I am powerful and I DO NOT GIVE UP! I have guarded you and guided you through tragedy and triumph. Through pain and fear, through things that would have broken ordinary people. You are so exceedingly far from ordinary! 

I stood firm in the decision to leave the first marriage.
I gave chance after chance in the second because I truly believed that it would change. 
I have endured emotional and physical abuse.
I learned to live alone.
I learned to be at peace in the silence.
I went back to school and got a degree.
I fell in love again, this time with myself.
I began to put myself first.
I learned what it feels like to be loved without conditions.
I quit my job because I believe in my education.
I sat, and paced, and slept in a hospital for weeks because THAT is what love looks like.
I put school on hold because I believe in a love that is greater than myself.
I battle depression in the midst of being the happiest I’ve ever been.
I work hard to learn about myself and grow as a person.
I am moving to a new city, starting a new chapter in this book of life.
I do hard things over and over again.
I will try new things.
I will seek out new experiences.
I will continue to give love freely and without strings attached because I have felt so unloved before.

Your fear may be big, but there is nothing in this life that compares to me, your perseverance.
You have 41 years of experience that back that up!



Thank you Rachel Hollis for inspiring this letter –

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  1. Letitia says:

    This is so raw, relatable, resonant and brave of you. I will totally borrow this for a full moon ritual or just anytime I’m feeling down. Thanks for sharing!

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