I Hate Crossfit!

There, I said it, and I’ll say it again… I HATE CROSSFIT.

RELAX, KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!!! There’s more to this story!

HATING crossfit might be a slight exaggeration. The truth is, I’ve never done it. EVER. It scares me. A LOT. What scares me most about it (besides the sound of my bank account being bled dry) is that if I ever did try it, I’d probably LOVE it and start trying to get everyone else to drink the koolaid. So guess what we’re going to do folks?!?!

That’s EXACTLY right, this running mama is going to start crossfit!


In my typical “go big or go home” fashion, I’m not just going to ease my way into it, I’m competing in not one, not two, but three, yes THREE crossfit-style competitions this year.

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Sooooo when you stop laughing we can continue. You good? Nah? I’ll give you another minute….

This is where it gets fun. If you are a crossfitter, I want to hear from you. Because I’m going into this with no prior experience and absolutely no intention of joining a gym, I need YOU to be my pseudo-trainers. How does that sound? Tell me what I need to do (don’t say join a box, smartass!) What movements I need to work on, etc.

I will probably come in DFL (dead fucking last) but that’s ok, and here’s why:

Operation Valor is growing. This year they are hosting 3 crossfit-style competitions throughout the year in honor of 3 very important events.

  • June- in honor of Operation Red Wings
  • August- in honor of Extortion 17
  • October- in honor of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield

If you’re unfamiliar with the above, please do take a few minutes to read up on them and learn a little bit. I hope you’re as moved to action as I am.

Visit either the Facebook page or Operation Valor’s website to stay up to date with all of the new and exciting things going on this year to support our nation’s finest, our veterans.

In addition to these competitions, there will also be trail runs in the central Texas area, and for those not geographically blessed to live in the great state of Texas, there will be a series of virtual runs as well!!!

Also, either subscribe to this blog or join me on Facebook and Instagram as I’ll be posting loads of information just as soon as I get my hands on it. I would encourage you to share these posts too, if you’re so inclined, as the more eyes we get on these events, the more veterans we’re able to help.

Looks like I have every reason to start loving crossfit and YOU do too!

As always, thank you for your support
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