The Weekly Chase New Year Edition January 7, 2018

My life seems to be in a perpetual state of “start overs.” Just when I think I’ve got a handle on things and everything feels like it’s finally going in the right direction someone screams “PLOT TWIST” and I’m again scrambling to figure out which way is up. Happy New Year to me! You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but I’m not. Every time it happens I want to build walls, go into hiding and pretend like there’s no outside world. Giving in to those thoughts and feelings certainly wouldn’t help me gain any ground and it’s no way to show my kids how to deal with stressors. These are the times I have to show myself grace. A lesson not easily learned. I give myself some time to freak out, get mad, cry, punch some pillows then it’s time to wipe away the tears, refocus and make plans to reach my goals.

I wanted to talk about how much I failed reaching the goals I set last year, however, in the spirit of finding silver linings (yes, a major theme of my life now) I’m going to let the failures of last year stay there. I’ve already pondered the reasons for those failures. I refuse to unpack and live my life in yesterday’s disappointments. The silver lining in those missed opportunities is that I already know what didn’t work and now I can try something else.

2017 wasn’t all bad, there were quite a few major successes, but I can’t live in those either. Yes, I’ll celebrate them, but they aren’t my end game. Forward progress even if only babysteps.

So with the first week of 2018 already gone, let’s look at what lies ahead. Small actionable steps equal long lasting, permanent change.

This week (last week before Spring semester starts for me)

  1. Get to bed before 10pm
  2. Wake up by 5
  3. Follow Yancy Camp workouts
  4. Run 3 days this week
  5. Drink all the water
  6. Daily plank challenge
  7. No fast food
  8. Practice patience

Yes, I have intentionally NOT talked about goals for the year… There are reasons…

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Kick ass my friends!

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