The Weekly Chase January 21, 2018

For the love of things, I can’t believe we’re creeping in on the last of January already. Not surprisingly I’m already behind on blogging! Hey, I’m going to cut myself some slack since I **DID** run the Houston Marathon on Sunday (with almost no legitimate training) Monday was MLK day and Houston was closed for ice on Tuesday and Wednesday. When life “as normal” finally resumed on Thursday I was struggling to keep track of what day it was and fighting off the nasty flu virus someone brought me! I wasn’t even remotely concerned with the past week’s chase goals! I just wanted to make sure Little P and I weren’t going to get sick. To be completely honest, I truly enjoyed the 2 extra days to sleep and recover. It made all the difference in the world. My body was craving rest.

School is back in session for me and I am determined not to fall behind. It’s so easy when you’re a busy mama and classes are all online with no set schedule. Little P is back in a proper after school program so that frees up an hour or so every afternoon for me to dedicate to studying. I wasn’t crazy about the financial aspect of this, but even after only one day, the mental and emotional aspect is already paying dividends! She’s loving the play time with her friends and has already asked if I could pick her up just a bit later. Thank you Club Rewind!

Seeing as though it’s already past my bedtime I’ll get right to this weeks goals:

  • Study during lunch and after work- no fuckin’ around on social media
  • Commit 30 minutes every night to Operation Valor tasks
  • Get up by 5 am for a run, cross-training or just extra studying/me time
  • No fast food. This means plan. I’ll need to pick up groceries soon.
  • Spend quality time with Little P every night. Reading, playing, dancing…doesn’t matter as long as she has my full attention.
  • Up my water intake. I’ve been slacking with so much time at home.

That’s all I got for this week, can you think of anything I missed?

Here’s a few photos from my time away

Flat MommyGoRun

Starting line Houston Marathon 2018

Usually this is where the wheels fall off and it’s not even the half way point. Not this time!

Made it to the beer mile!

DONE! All smiles! No PR this time.




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