The Weekly Chase – December 3, 2017

I think it’s time to resurrect the Weekly Chase. There used be a link up but I haven’t seen any posts recently so if you’d like to link up with me, leave a comment and let’s make it happen!

Obviously I had no clearly defined goals last week so I’ll just give you a little run down of what’s happened since Dec. 1 (when I decided to get my shit together….AGAIN)

As of today, December 3rd, I have successfully completed my 50 goblet squats per day with 35# dumb bell and my daily requirements for the #OCRbeastChallenge that’s harder on the hands than I thought it would be, but if I’m going to be successful next year, I need to stay on top of this challenge.

I’ve completed all 11 labs and 2 tests for my Anatomy & Physiology and Psychology classes (and PASSED!!!)

I made a 90 on my Psychology paper even though it was a full page short of the required 8 pages. I can only assume that I made my points clearly and concisely enough for my professor to excuse the missing page.

Diet was a little sketchy at the tail end of the week. Still under calories, but they weren’t very nutrient dense. But yummmmm kolaches and Chick-fil-A!

I joined a new DietBet with a goal of losing 4% of my body weight by December 23rd. I dropped 2 pounds rather quickly but then mother nature decided to play dirty so I’m right back at my starting weight. I fully intend to earn my part of the $171,270 pot so I’m back on track Monday!

It was good to get out to the Momma Stump Goruck event to support my girl Marissa even though we had to bail early. I love this girl, her tenacity and grit are always such an inspiration to me!Let’s set some good goals for the coming week, shall we?!?!

  1. Run scheduled miles: Mon 4, Wed & Thur 6, and Sat 10
  2. Continue #OCRbeastchalleng #deadhangchallenge adding 10 seconds every day
  3. Dial in the diet. No fast food. Minimal processed food.
  4. Drink ALL THE WATER! Minimum of 120 ounces per day = 4 of my big tumblers
  5. Study for my Psychology final that’s due on the 10th.
  6. Study for Anatomy & Physiology final

I’m going to do all I can to send 2017 out with a bang!
What are YOU doing to build momentum as this year comes to an end? Leave me a comment with your goals and plans to kick ass this month!


  1. GiGi Eats says:

    HECK YES on the 90 on your psychology paper! Man, me reading about your grade and then your other classes actually gives me chills because I hated school sooooo much! LOL!

    PEACE OUT 2017!!

    • Amanda Medau says:

      Thank you! You’re the sweetest, in the sassiest way!!! I have always loved school. Honestly, if I could go full time without worrying about finances- I would totally do it! I’m a weird one, I know.
      Yup, 2017 had it’s good moments, but overall, it can eat a big bag of you know whats!!!

    • Amanda Medau says:

      Congrats to you as well! I completed my associate’s degree this summer and I’m waiting to see if I’ll be accepted into the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. In the meantime I’m just taking the classes I can that are required.

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