The Weekly Chase – December 11, 2017

Well this week certainly didn’t go as planned! Does it ever?

One of the things I struggle with most is letting things go that I can’t control. I have a tendency to beat myself up over little things and that inevitably results in a downward spiraling pattern of guilt and depression with feelings of “not good enough.” I am moving forward in the remaining days of 2017 and putting extra emphasis on being kind and loving to myself. It’s ok to recognize when you’ve fallen short, but rather than speak negatively to myself, I’m going to assess the “why” of my failure and take actionable steps to do better. No one is perfect and it’s not fair to myself or my family to expect perfection!

Let’s take a look at last week’s goals:

  1. Run scheduled miles: Mon 4, Wed & Thur 6, and Sat 10- Ran my 4 miles Monday, Tuesday was my son’s choir concert, then the proverbial wheels fell off! 
  2. Continue #OCRbeastchalleng #deadhangchallenge adding 10 seconds every day – Stayed on track with the exception of Friday and Saturday, but picked right back up Sunday!
  3. Dial in the diet. No fast food. Minimal processed food. – I DID say the wheels fell off right?!?! There were a couple fast food nights and boy I could tell. My energy levels tanked and so did my tummy!
  4. Drink ALL THE WATER! Minimum of 120 ounces per day = 4 of my big tumblers – Nailed this one with the exception of the weekend. It’s hard to remember to drink my water when I’m home and there are other options. Did somebody say “wine”?????
  5. Study for my Psychology final that’s due on the 10th.
  6. Study for Anatomy & Physiology final – Totally didn’t study at all, for either final. But I did manage Bs on both so I’ll take it. Next semester I plan to have a better schedule thanks to my new planner that I’m writing everything in!!!

Someone is not happy about being out in the gloomy weather!Sometimes all it takes to bring you back to center is a little bit of peace and quiet.

I was about to say that since the semester is over, I can refocus my attention on being a better mom and better athlete, buuuut, it looks like I’ve got one more week of Anatomy and Physiology! YIKES! That’s ok though. I can handle it. Let’s look at the bright side- it’s only ONE class for ONE more week!

  1. Dial in the diet. Seriously. My dietbet ends on December 23rd and I really want to at least get my $30 back.
  2. Continue to drink all the water. 4×30 ounce cups at least. EVERY DAY.
  3. Actually study and complete my labs for A&P before the Sunday due date.
  4. RUN. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  5. Keep up with the #OCRbeastchallenge. Dead hangs, every day. 3:30 by Saturday.

There we have it folks. It’s not much, it’s certainly not glamorous, but I’m trying to build habits.

What are some of the habits you’re working on to finish out the year strong?

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