Don’t Die December

Welcome to the last first day of the month of the year 2017! A final 31 days to establish habits that will either catapult us into the new year ready to dominate, or leave us frantically making yet another string of “new year, new me” resolutions.

I’ve been tagging along with the beautiful Rachel Hollis of The Chic Site  and the #last90days movement. The goal being to create momentum and steamroll into the new year with habits and plans in place to be successful rather than spiraling out of control and desperately trying to recommit on January 1st.

Doesn’t that sound great? I thought so too, but I’ve got more on my plate than ever before so my plan is NOT to have a perfect send off to 2017, but at least not find myself sobbing in the fetal position with a bottle of wine on December 31.

Don’t Die December is simply my way to try to stay on top everything in my life. In addition to work and school, the kids’ schedules are packed, but I’m working on getting back on track fitness wise and pumping up the blog production.

Here’s how:

  1. Follow the “Holy Shit, I’m Running Another Marathon” plan. Run 4x/week
  2. Ocr Beast’s #deadhangchallenge  Starting Dec. 1, dead hang 1 minute and add 10 sec per day
  3. Crosstrain 1x/week
  4. 50 Goblet squats every day 35#
  5. Continue drinking obscene amounts of water
  6. Limit/eliminate processed foods (I totally blew that one hard today….yummmmm kolaches & pizza)

That’s my basic outline, but here’s the thing…

I’m going to need YOUR help though. Please LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE and tell me what’s working for you, what’s not and what you want to see from me! We can do this together!

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