Thursday Thoughts November 30, 2017

I’d love to tell you that this year has been nothing short of miraculously successful. I’d like to tell you that I smashed all those lofty goals I set for myself at the end of 2016. I’d also like you to continue reading and supporting my blog, so I’m not going to bullshit you. I’m not Willy Wonka so it’s not my job to sugar coat life.

This year has been hard y’all! My goals for 2016 fell apart while I tried to survive. My fitness train seriously derailed. While I have managed not to put on too much excess weight, I’ve definitely lost strength, speed and endurance. I’ve struggled most of the year just to keep my bills paid. I’ve spent many nights studying until my eyes fell shut, and many more nights crawling into bed feeling defeated and depressed while my to do list mocked me. My blogging has been nearly non existent. Hell, I honestly don’t even know if anyone is going to read this post, let-a-lone any future posts and that’s OK. We’re all busy trying to make the best of every day and sometimes life just doesn’t go the way you planned.

I’ve moved into a new place, continued my college courses and have tried to be more present for my kids. I **THINK** we’re headed in the right direction, but I can’t shake that feeling that I’m not doing quite enough. That feeling that I’m failing them and everyone around me. I’ve also learned that while those feelings are very real to me, they’re not an accurate representation of fact. Sometimes you have to stop feeding into your own shit show and remember

Plain and simple.
Is it easy?
It’s something I have to choose to believe EVERY SINGLE DAY.

2017 is not my defining year, it’s not the year of record breaking successes, but I am choosing to find joy, peace and happiness in the smallest of victories. I encourage you to do the same!
2018 is upon us and only YOU can choose to be the best version of yourself in the coming days.

Stay tuned to see what’s in store for 2018. Time to put the RUN back into Mommy Go Run!



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