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**This is a sponsored post. I was provided with the product in order to facilitate a review. As always, opinions are completely mine**

Y’all, I FINALLY have a personal running coach! Ok, ok, that’s not entirely true, I didn’t hire a running coach but holy crap, these headphones from Vi by LifeBeam are pretty cool!

The idea here is that through artificial intelligence, you can get a customized experience and increase your overall fitness. It takes about 120 minutes of run time for Vi to get a feel for you and offer tips. Currently, Vi isn’t as fond of treadmill running as I am, so I know I’m not getting nearly as much feedback as if I were able to take her to the pavement more.

Vi comes beautifully packaged and includes a variety of soft fins and tips to ensure you have the perfect fit. Once properly fitted (see the website for videos on how to ensure a good fit) I never once worried or felt like they were slipping or falling out.

I’ve never used earbuds with the neck collar and truthfully, I was preparing myself to be completely annoyed by it. BUT, I was amazed that I hardly noticed it was there and didn’t seem to bounce at all. Even during sprints! Like I said, Vi isn’t truly suited for the treadmill yet, but according to customer support, they ARE working on updates constantly with a potential roll out for treadmill running late this summer. I can’t wait for her to love indoor running as much as I do. The sound quality is fantastic so even if you’re not using Vi for training, you’ve still got beautiful sound. 

I finally had an opportunity to take her outside for a run the other day, and I’d love to say that it went beautifully, but she got shy on me and stopped giving me tips and updates around mile 2. I DO think that it may have had something to do with people constantly messaging me and notifications going off or possibly that I interrupted her updates….either way, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her fault 😉

Even though she was quiet, she was still hard at work in the background tracking my pace, heartrate (with her amazing in ear biosensors) and her readings nearly matched my Garmin – I think that while neither are perfectly accurate, given they provided almost identical readings, I’ll say that’s a win.

I love the stats overlay here. It’s pretty cool to be able to visualize where your heart rate is maxing out and what pace is conducive to good recovery.  She also kept pretty accurate mileage – I purposely ran a pre-determined route I knew to be approximately 5 miles. 

It’s true that no trainer is ever perfect, real life trainers as well as AI based, but there is one thing that remains constant- you have to work together to make progress.
Even though I had a few hiccups with Vi, I’m really excited to continue training with her and I’m looking forward to all the updates and added features that are coming soon.

Visit their website at  to see videos of her in action and get an idea of what’s to come in the world of AI training! Then come back here and tell me what you think!
What are your thoughts on Artificial Intelligence in the fitness world?

**They’re currently offering FREE shipping too**


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