Mizuno Wave Sky

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mizuno and Fit Fluential, but as always, all opinions are my own*

I haven’t always been a runner, so I will admit that when I did start running several years ago, I had NO IDEA what to look for in running shoes, I just wanted them to be pretty. I figured that all running shoes were the same. BOY WAS I WRONG! I’ve tried many brands and models and endured shin splints, pain, and stress fractures in the process. I truly thought that there was something wrong with me because none of my other runner friends seemed to be having these same issues with any of their shoes.

Fast forward a few years and while I still wouldn’t dare call myself an expert, I absolutely have learned a few things. I’ve learned that I’m a neutral runner, and I prefer my running shoes to feel solid, supportive, responsive and cushioned. I have found ALL of these characteristics in the new Mizuno Wave Sky.

I have 3 pairs of Mizuno shoes in my current rotation (a fancy term for my stash of shoes I get to pick from for various training/running situations). They are my go to for all my runs these days so when I was asked to try out the new Wave Sky the answer was a resounding YES!


Look at these beauties! I couldn’t wait to take them for a run!

I tend to be a heel striker when I run so one of the first things I noticed is that the heel is super responsive and has great cushioning.  The mesh in the forefoot is extremely breathable and the toe box is nice and roomy.
It’s one thing to take new shoes for a quick trail or treadmill run, but I wanted to put the Wave Sky to the ultimate test. What better way to put a shoe through it’s paces (pun intended) than to subject them to over 8 miles of concrete stairs, ramps and other bootcamp style funishment at the Spartan AT&T Stadium Sprint. **Note: The course was just over 4 miles according to my Garmin but I ran it TWICE!**

Started off strong over the military hurdles. A series of shorter walls after a short sprint to get the blood pumping.
The cushioning, support, and flexibility made bounding up and down the stairs feel much easier than last year!
Weighing in at 9.3 ounces, I wouldn’t consider these a lightweight shoe, but as a bigger girl, I’ll take the weight that comes with all the additional cushioning. Clearly the weight didn’t keep me from climbing!After 8 plus miles of concrete, up and down stairs, bear crawls, jump rope,etc., I still felt like I was running on clouds! That smile says it all! Mizuno, you’ve outdone yourself! The Wave Sky has earned its place as my new favorite running shoe.

With a price point of $150, they are a little more than what I would normally pay, however, they are worth the higher price point in my opinion. More information about the Mizuno Wave Sky can be found HERE!

It’s YOUR turn! What are your favorite running shoes and WHY?