Everything is gonna be all right, right? June 19, 2017

Happy Monday!
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I feel like I’m a pretty normal person, don’t you? I have big dreams, giant goals and lots of things to do between being a mom, working full time, working on my degree and trying to maintain my fitness. Many days I feel like I can take on the world single handedly but more often than not I feel like I’m precariously balancing spinning plates while standing on an ever moving platform, where one misstep will be my undoing.Image result for spinning plates

Today happens to be one of the days in between. I have a reasonable grip on what I need to accomplish this week, yet still there is that tiny voice lingering in my mind that assures me that all of my efforts will be for naught. I am doing my best to quiet that pesky little bugger.

I’m not feeling hopelessly overwhelmed at the moment because today I did something very important. **I want to get in the habit of doing this Sunday evenings so I can set myself up for success for the coming week**

I made a list. Yes, an old school pen and paper list of the things I NEED to do this week. Image result for pen and paper to do list

I have tried to use technology to my advantage on this one, but to be honest, I NEED to write things out in order to remember them. It’s too easy for my brain to dismiss tasks if they’re stored electronically.

The key to my to do list is this: FLYLADY. Image result for flylady.netI know it sounds comical, but she’s fantastic. I don’t follow her plan exactly, I tailor it to fit my life and my needs. I found her when life was too overwhelming and I was drowning in depression (I didn’t even realize I was, I just thought I was broken or plain lazy). I would be “busy” all the time but I just didn’t seem to be getting anything done. I was exhausted, physically and mentally and I really just needed guidance. I needed someone to tell me what to do and when because I simply couldn’t muster enough energy to figure out what to do.
Now I have a flexible plan to get a little done every day and every little thing helps me get traction to keep on going!

So you see, I’m an ordinary person, but striving to do extraordinary things. It’s ok to admit when you need help. It does not mean you’re weak, lazy or stupid, in fact, I believe it’s quite the opposite. To know when to ask for help means you’re committed to doing and being better! See, we’re all gonna be alright!

How do you ‘get it all done’? Are you old school like me? Do you love to have your gadgets remind you?I’d love to know your thoughts and tips to be more productive in accomplishing your goals! Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Anne Colon says:

    I have to do the “Old School” list also! I keep reminding my self, get three done today & focus on the next three tomorrow. I know we talked about this once or twice & then you found Flylady! Hey~ whatever works….. Silly to say but, I really enjoy the fact that I can read your words… makes perfect sense to me!
    I love that WE have lots of the same thoughts…

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