The Weekly Chase April 17, 2017

If you’re anything like me you start your year, month, week or even day absolutely jazzed and ready to crush some epic goals. You also may find that life jumps into the way and tries to make it difficult to succeed. When this happens, what do you do? How do you cope? How do you push through? If we’re being honest here, I don’t always cope well. I don’t always push through like the badass, got it together mama that I dream of being. If we’re being honest, some days are hard. REALLY fucking hard. Hard to get out of bed, hard to put on a smile, hard to function. Now, I don’t say this for anyone to feel sorry for me or to shower me with “it’s ok, just do your best” comments. I say this because I KNOW there are people out there, maybe even you, that struggle, but make a choice every day NOT to give up. NOT to sink into an inescapable hole of depression and self sabotage. Some days it’s harder to make that choice than others, but we do. We do it for us, we do it for those we love and care about, and did I mention, we do it for US! Not because we have to, or someone else expects it. We do it, we keep grinding, we keep pushing, because we know DEEP down that we are worth it. We know that every step forward, no matter how insignificant it may seem in the moment, is getting us closer to reaching those EPIC goals.

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This week, I’m going back to basics yet again. I’m going to keep it simple so I don’t get overwhelmed.

  1. HYDRATE. 120 ounces minimum.
  2. MOVE. 30 minutes. EVERY day. Doesn’t matter what it is, just move!
  3. FUEL. Eat to perform.
  4. LOVE. Spend time daily, even if only 5 minutes, doing something for me.
  5. CARE. Work to complete daily tasks with an attitude of gratitude, knowing that these tasks enable peace in my home.


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