Travel Tuesday #1 Route 66

When I was growing up we used to take the most amazing trips. My parent’s would load up our RV and take us kids on incredible adventures. We traveled all over the western states, visited the Grand Canyon, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, the Four Corners and I’m pretty sure we stopped at EVERY SINGLE historical landmark in the entire western United States. I loved those trips even though, as a kid, I complained relentlessly about their “educational” factor! Looking back on it though, there is so much knowledge to be had it road trips like this.

There was one trip we never took and it’s been written in small print on the bucket list for a long time, especially since the release of Disney-Pixar’s CARS movie…Travel the entire length of Historic Route 66!!! As an adult, and now a single mom, hitting the road for grand adventures isn’t nearly as realistic as I hoped it would be. Even though I won’t be packing the kids up and driving off into the sunset, I’ve got something ALMOST as cool!

I’m VIRTUALLY exploring the ENTIRE length of Route 66 with the help of The Route 66 Virtual Challenge from the Conqueror Series. I’m so excited to do this. You can join the challenge any time and miles of ALL types count! Swimming, biking, running, hopping…if you can log it, you can count it! You can take as long as you want to complete your miles and the coolest thing is that you can really SEE your progress and see who’s around you that are also completing the virtual race-

You can even see yourself in real time thanks to Google Streetview!

 Route 66 is a 2,280 mile highway that runs from Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier. At each major landmark you get postcards congratulating you on your journey. There’s also a progress tracker and leaderboard so you can see how you stack up against other competitors, a finisher’s medal and a t-shirt!   Register for this challenge here and use code:

conquer2017 for $5 off registration

You’ll even get a unique share code once you register, so if two of your crazy friends sign up, you get some of your money back!!! How cool is that?!?!?!?!

I’m looking forward to completing this 2280 mile journey and I hope you consider joining me!

Get your kicks on Route 66


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