The Weekly Chase 3 January 23, 2017

Already heading into week 4 of this new year and let’s just say that week 3 wasn’t nearly as goal smashing as I’d hoped it would have been. My body seemed to need more recovery than I realized. Then life happened and I just didn’t get things done like I’d wanted to.
But here’s to success in spite of missed goals!

Week 1


Week 4

Weight 177.6 lbs down 1 lb
Body Fat 22.5% down .2%
Waist 32.5 in down 1 in
Hips 41 in down 3 in
Thighs 24 in down 1 in

Last week’s goals

Goal #1 – Drink one gallon of water per day. Not even close.

Goal #2 – RUN a total of 52 for the week. Ended up with only 36.2 Like I said, I needed more recovery than I anticipated

Goal #3 – Keep tracking and keeping the trash food to a minimum. Failed to track for the most part. Oops

Goal #4 – Crosstraining. I did manage a few days of core and upper body work, but nothing that I’d consider a full workout.

I’m not going to beat myself up for a less than stellar week, especially after a marathon. Time to pull myself up by the bootstraps and kick it back into gear!

Goal #1 – HYDRATE- Again, standard until it becomes habit. I’ve got to bring my jug to work. No excuses.

Goal #2 RUN – 35 miles this week.

Goal #3 – Track food. I’m finding that this is becoming increasingly important to ensure I eat ENOUGH when I’m running.

Goal #4 – upper body work. Pullups and pushups are priorities. EVERY DAY.

Consistency is key, but everyone falters sometimes. What’s important is recognizing your shortcomings and working hard to improve your weaknesses!

Here’s to another great week!!!


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