The Weekly Chase 2 January 17, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

How are YOU feeling today?

It’s week 3 and I’m still hangin’ on and kicking ass (in my own mind of course!) Sunday I successfully completed the Chevron Houston Marathon and don’t ask me how, but I shaved just about 25 seconds off last year’s time. PRs are PRs, so I’ll happily take it! I didn’t quite hit my goal of a sub 5 hour, but that’s ok. I’ve got the Austin Marathon coming up in 33 days. Granted, Austin is ALL THE HILLS so I’m not holding my breath for a PR 🙂 BUT, I will be utilizing the incline feature of my treadmill more starting tomorrow. I will also be incorporating more weight training and resistance work to develop some more power in these legs.

I did NOT take measurements this week simply because after a marathon I hold a lot of water weight and the muscles are so inflamed that the numbers won’t accurately reflect my work. I will take measurements and pictures for next week’s post though.

So let’s see how I did last week

Goal #1 – Drink 1 gallon of water per day – Pretty much nailed it! I even added Nuun to make sure I was hydrated for Sunday.
Goal #2 – RUN 37 miles or 6.1+ per day – Ummm WTF was I thinking the week before a marathon?? Not even close! I only ran 16.
Goal #3 – Continue tracking and eating well – I somehow missed tracking on Friday and Saturday, but the rest of the week was killer! I use My Fitness Pal
Goal #4 – Complete Week #1 of #DeathbyWheeler – I did NOT complete the entire week of workouts, however I did complete Day 1 (AGAIN) and worked on upper body and core all but 2 days.

I’m calling it a great week! Since it’s already Tuesday, let’s jump right into this week!

Goal #1 – Drink one gallon of water per day. That’s going to be standard until it’s a habit.

Goal #2 – RUN I’ve already logged 30.2 miles this week. I’d like to finish off the week with another 22 for a total of 52 for the week.

Goal #3 – Keep tracking and keeping the trash food to a minimum. I splurged Sunday AND Monday with Pizza, wings and wine, it was lovely but it’s back to business now.

Goal #4 – Crosstraining. I NEED to develop more upper body strength. So be it #DeathbyWheeler or something else, I’ve GOT to be ready for Green Beret Challenge next month.  It’s the first qualifying event of the year for OCR World Championships and US Championships.

Goal #5 – ME TIME. This is important. Set aside a few minutes every day to do things I enjoy. That can be anything from blogging to reading to knitting. Anything that brings me peace and happiness.

That’s it! Let’s keep the momentum building. Small sustainable changes will lead to long term success!!

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