Happy New Year 2017

Wow, 2016 was a helluva ride wasn’t it?

For me it was chock full of ups and downs, personal growth and setbacks. Now, with the new year upon us it’s time to march into the future with purpose and celebrate all the opportunities that we will surely be blessed with in the upcoming year!

2016 closed out in the absolute best way possible- I was surrounded by those that I love!

Christmas Eve brought the return of my FAVORITE tradition. Everyone gets to open one present and it’s always PJs and then we open the family gift which contains Christmas movies, snacks and hot cocoa~ it’s just the perfect way to wind down while waiting for Santa to come visit us.


Christmas Beauties

Christmas Day Dinner

Nap Time

Not many know the story here, but this movie played a HUGE role in giving me my power back. Maybe someday I’ll dedicate and entire post to it, but for now, you just need to know that it had a profound impact on the way I process information and gave me my life back in more ways that I can say. Moving forward “SILVER LININGS” is my life motto! No matter the situation, no matter how bleak your circumstances may seem, if you look hard enough, you can find those silver linings.

Upon reflecting on 2016, it’s clear to me that it was a series of lessons of survival. I had to learn how to be happy on my own, how to be a single mom, how to learn to ask for and accept help when I needed it. It was humbling to say the least, but at the same time it was empowering.

I did not “race” in 2016, but I completed several OCRs and Houston Marathon. I enjoyed every race I attended last year, but it’s time for me to see what I’m capable of! Here are just a few of the goals I’m working on this year. The ARE lofty goals to be sure, but if your dreams and goals don’t scare you, they just aren’t big enough. Lastly, I swore I wouldn’t commit to a mileage goal this year since my attempt in 2016 was so miserable, but runners be crazy so here it is, I am officially attempting 2017 miles this year.



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