WIDW- What I’m doing Wednesday

If there’s anyone left following this poor abandoned blog, I sincerely thank you!

I’ve had a lot going on in the MGR household and honestly the blog was NOT even kind of a priority. I think I’m finally getting to a place where I can get back to at least semi regular blogging.
So much has happened that the thought of trying to “catch up” here is simply too overwhelming. So rather than stress out about that, I’m just going to start fresh and add posts about past events as I feel so inclined.

What I’m doing Wednesday….

Today I’m digging into my diet to make adjustments for optimal performance.
I’ve got some really big goals in sight for 2017 and I can’t accomplish those with my current energy levels. I’m ready to crawl into bed by 7. I’ve got way too much to do for that nonsense!

I’ll be detailing goals for 2017 soon, and looking at ways to send 2016 out with a bang! Again, there’s so much greatness in store I just have to reach out and grab it!
I appreciate all your support and I am looking forward to providing you valuable content in the future!

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Here’s to new beginnings y’all!!!


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