Don’t Call it a Comeback

Ok, well, you certainly can if you want! It’s only been eighteen million years since my last post!
There’s been a lot going on in the MGR house and I’ve taken some much needed time away from the blog, but now, it’s time to get back at it. Accountability is key and I’m ready to get things back on track, both with fitness and blogging. There are some pretty exciting things brewing behind the scenes and as soon as I’m able I will share them with you!

I know this is normally when most folks decide to scale back on their blogs so that they can do fun summery things, but if you’ve followed me for any amount of time you already know that “normal” just isn’t something I do with any kind of consistency. I’m looking forward to keeping y’all in the loop as the summer progresses and I hope that those of you who are still hanging on will stick with me a little while longer. Hang on tight y’all it’s gonna get good!

Here are a few things that you might have missed if you’re not following me on Instagram or Facebook:Senior Prom Cy Ridge 2016 Mother Daughter Date wp-1465270352563.jpg OUCH MOM wp-1465270353496.jpg FiFi Fountainhead wp-1465270353863.jpg wp-1465270354896.jpg Cy Ridge Senior 2016


That’s all for tonight, but you can be sure you’ll be hearing more from me now! Have a great night y’all!

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