What I’m LOVING Wednesday and GIVEAWAYS

And boy howdy there’s a lot of love goin’ on right now!!!

First of all, I really want to thank all the amazing companies that have provided me with these incredible products. Extra thank yous to those who have blessed me with the opportunity to share some of these products with you! Even though I received these at no cost, my opinions that I share with y’all will always be honest. Please see my Disclosure page for more details. This post also contains affiliate links.

First up, my new friends from Dynapro Direct sent me this exercise ball. Obviously, I love it because it’s PINK, but having a little one at home all the time makes getting to the gym a pain in the — sometimes, so it’s nice to have high quality equipment to use at home. This one is anti-burst tested at 1100 pounds which is great because you KNOW that there’s going to be some horseplay when I’m not looking! There are so many ways you can utilize this ball. It’s the perfect height to use at my desk too, so I can keep my core engaged while blogging or wasting time on social media 😉

DynaPro Directsome of the things you can do works as a chair too

ZojiFit must have known that this is the year I will conquer the elusive pull up! These bands come in varying sizes and they make it so easy to figure out what you need! I’m weighing in at about 185 these days and can’t do a full pull up yet so I went with the green one. 
I haven’t mastered the art of action photography, plus my history with exercise bands is questionable so this is what you get 🙂 I’ll keep y’all updated on my progress. If you’re using these for pull ups it’s probably the only time you’re really working toward NOT needing equipment. Fortunately, these are good for so many other exercises. Check out their ZojiFit.com for more ideas!
Zojiband in the wild

You know I couldn’t have a What I’m Loving post without a giveaway! Lucky for y’all today I have TWO!!!

Saturday March 12 was my first Spartan of the year. After breaking my poor little toes at my VERY first Spartan race in 2014 and taking the entire 2015 year off from OCRs, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back to these kinds of races.
Mudgear reached out to me a while back to give their compression socks a try. I’ve been running in the short socks since I got them and they’re super comfortable. But I didn’t want to post anything until I had a chance to really put the tall ones to use.  The Houston Sprint gave me that opportunity. My legs were tore up everywhere EXCEPT where the socks covered! They’re slightly padded on the calf so when you throw your legs up over those walls you have a bit of protection. One day they’ll protect my legs from rope burns too- but alas…I can’t climb ropes just yet!
MudGear Obstacle Race Socks - The Best Mud Run SocksMudGear
This is what they look like BEFORE and AFTER mud!
MudGear is pretty freakin’ awesome and they’re letting me give one of YOU lucky sonofaguns a pair too! Just enter the rafflecopter below & share with your friends!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Finally I have for you Natural Sins.Natural Sins 3 pack
These two ingredient chips are sinfully tasty, but you won’t have any guilt polishing off an entire bag yourself. They’re single serve and at about 100 calories with literally only 2 ingredients, you can feel good about indulging in these little snacks.
seriously 2 ingredients single serve
I can’t decide if I like the pineapple or the coconut best. The beet was interesting, but still good. Definitely tasted “healthy” while the others tasted much more like a sinful sweet than a healthy snack. I didn’t get the mango flavor in my package but I’d love to try them as well!

Sinful Sadness

So good they did not last long

Enter the rafflecoptor below for your chance to win a 3-pack of your own to try!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Jeffrey says:

    I’m a fan of the marathon, its a challenge of both the body and mind. As I’ve aged my body has adapted pretty well to the distance and I think compression has helped. Last year I ran two in one weekend, it was to celebrate my 40th birthday. I don’t really have a favorite but this year I’m running Cleveland for the 4th time and its on my birthday, should be fun!

      • Jeffrey says:

        Well, I’d say you’re already there. I look forward to reading your blog post after your 40th!
        I did two a week apart and that hurt worse than two in one weekend. The soreness never had a chance to set in before day two. I did miss my goal time on the second day by about 4 minutes, but all in all it was a fantastic weekend.

  2. Mary Lee says:

    OOPS…didn’t see the topic! My favorite races are ones that members of my running group are also participating in! Races are always more fun with friends – before, during and to celebrate after!

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