World’s Easiest Hash Browns -Recipe Request

Every once in a blue moon someone shocks the crap out of me and asks for a recipe. When that happens, I try to oblige the requester as quickly as possible because that’s just polite 🙂 But y’all are just not going to believe how easy these hash browns are to whip up. They’re so fast you’ll be making them for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner! *This post has affiliate links**

We LOVE breakfast for dinner in my house and with this recipe- homemade hash browns are only minutes away and free from all the chemical preservatives and whatever other crap ends up in packaged foods.
So, as promised, let me introduce you to the world’s easiest hash browns.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A food processor with a shredder attachment. I have THIS one but any will do.
  2. A non stick pan.
  3. Oil
  4. Potatoes
  5. Salt and pepper

**Disclaimer** I very rarely measure anything when I’m cooking. I eyeball things. Start with less seasoning than you think you need. You can always add more, but you can’t take it out! Get comfortable in the kitchen, trust your senses and your taste-buds. If you don’t like a spice I use, omit it and use something else! Be brave, be BOLD & take charge of your culinary adventure!

Now that we have THAT ^ out of the way, let’s cook!

  • Add oil to your non stick pan and crank up the heat to just above medium high- you know your stove better than I do. You want the pan super hot, but not hot enough for the oil to start smoking.
  • Wash your potatoes. However many you think you’ll need plus 5 because you’re going to want more once you taste them!
  • Run your clean spuds through the food processor Shredded Potatoes
  • Throw your tater shreds into a salad spinner and rinse them really wellRinse yer taters
  • Spin those little suckers like crazy to get them as dry as you can. Thanks to years of watching Food Network, I know that wet foods don’t get crispy. I don’t know about you but I think soggy hash browns are nasty. Even when I go to a restaurant I ask for my hash browns to be extra crispy.SPIN
  • You pan should be hot by now, so carefully add the potatoes to the pan evenly so you don’t splash yourself with hot oil.
  • Don’t they look pretty frying up, I love that sizzly sound!!!
  • Sprinkle with a little salt & pepper.
    Now, here’s the hardest part of this entire recipe:
    That’s right, leave them the heck alone for a little bit. You can give the pan a little shake just to be certain they’re not glued to the bottom but otherwise- HANDS OFF!!!Do NOT disturb
  • After a few minutes (5 ish depending on your stove) you can carefully peek to see that your hash browns are getting nice and golden. Carefully turn them over once they’ve reached the color and crispy level that makes your taste buds happy.
    This makes me a little drooly Hash Brown Perfection
    When the underside is just as crispy, SERVE! As with anything fried or crispy, these are best when served fresh and piping hot!
    I’ll take mine with fried eggs thanks, ahhhhhhmazing!YUM

Do you make hash browns from scratch?
What are your favorite cooking tricks or tips?

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  1. Caroline says:

    I LOVE hashbrowns and almost everything potatoe that I can think of! And I agree I really like the crisp at the top! When I eat out they are always only crispy at the top and the bottoms aren’t as satisfying! I love to eat hashbrowns with toast. But so much carbs! I usually just eat the hashbrown patties frozen, but I like this idea so much better! My boyfriend and I get big sacs of potatoes and don’t always make much use of them because neither of us are really cooks, but this is so easy and no skills friendly 😀 thanks for sharing!

    • Amanda Medau says:

      This would be the perfect way to put all those spuds to good & yummy use! I’m so glad you feel like this would be easy to do! That’s my goal when I write recipes!!! I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated, I want everyone to look at it and say, psshhhh I can totally do that!!! When you do, come back and let me know!

  2. Sarah says:

    I always make mushy hash browns 🙁 these look amazing! Love your disclaimer on measurements, I’m 100% the same way. I have to remind myself to measure things when I know I’m going to blog about it haha.

    • Amanda Medau says:

      I promise it’s worth it! Today is Wednesday and I’ve made hash browns almost every day since I posted this!
      I can’t complain, they’re tasty and inexpensive compared to other things the kids could be asking for!

    • Amanda Medau says:

      I have made some that are more like McD’s, I need to write up a recipe for them- basically smaller shreds but mix in a couple eggs and make them sort of like potato cakes- fry the same after forming them into little patties!

  3. Karen @ Fit in France says:

    I agree with the other bloggers, I bet they would be great with sweet potatoes. I haven’t tried to make hash browns but definitely looks easy. I never thought to use my salad spinner for other things besides salad, but its a great idea.

    • Amanda Medau says:

      Before I had a salad spinner I would use a lint free cloth and squeeze the daylights out of them. That work but they ended up a little mushed lol!
      Y’all are making me feel silly that I didn’t use sweet potatoes!!!

    • Amanda Medau says:

      I love sweet potatoes, I need to try them in this recipe. I wonder how the higher sugar content would affect the browning/cooking time…..but then again, charred sweet potatoes taste like marshmallows to me, I know, I’m weird!
      I would love to link up for Meatless Monday! It’s very rare that I serve a meatless dish. That would be a great challenge for me!

    • Amanda Medau says:

      Breakfast for dinner is just so easy! Especially with kids. I won’t lie, occasionally it’s a cereal for dinner night too, but only on rare occasions.
      I can’t wait to hear what he thinks of new mad hash brown skills!

    • Amanda Medau says:

      Honestly, that is the most difficult part for me too! I want to scoot them around and flip and turn and turn and flip, but it’s so worth it to get that super crunchy crust on the outside and tender inside.

  4. Liz says:

    Mc’Cains has nothing on you.
    These loook so easy, no reason for me not to try!

    I would love to try this with sweet potato, or even beetroot! OR a MIX! OMG imagine potato, sweetpotato, beetroot allll in one.

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