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After a long day at the Houston Auto Show and with it being my only boy’s birthday, I certainly didn’t want to cook and thanks to the amazing folks at Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom, I didn’t have to! Being a member of the Houston Food Blogger Collective definitely has it’s privileges! I was curious to see if the food lived up to the hype. We were here to find out if #Oldchicagopizzaisbetterthanyours
Was it really the best pizza in Houston? Let’s see!
20160127_185123.jpgNow that my kids are getting older it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to pin them all down so that I can spend time with them all together! Big S is a senior and choir president and has a part time job, while little S is involved in choir and also a top member of the JV swim team! Little J isn’t quite as independent just yet, but he does love to head out with his friends for football or basketball or even just cruising around the neighborhood on their bikes. Of course I had to get a selfie to commemorate the occasion!20160127_182316.jpgWhen we arrived the restaurant was busy, the vibe was laid back but energized. It felt comfortable and even though there were sporting events on the TVs it definitely felt much classier than a sports bar.

Our waiter was super attentive and even though he was new, you could tell that he was as excited about the restaurant as we were! He was well versed in the menu items and didn’t hesitate to offer suggestions, and when he wasn’t 100% certain of something, he went and found out. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. There’s nothing worse than a server guessing and being horribly wrong about a menu item.20160127_190406.jpgOh my goodness, when I saw cheese curds on the menu I didn’t hesitate. We were definitely getting those! We were not sorry for that call! The kids scarfed them down almost before I could get the picture taken! They were then warned! NO TOUCHING UNTIL AFTER PICTURES lol!20160127_190547.jpgNext up were the Italian Nachos. Fried wanton skins took the place of tortilla chips in this ridiculously delicious appetizer.
There seemed to be some commotion in the kitchen and our waiter apologized profusely although he wasn’t clear what the issue was. The rest of our meal was a little slower coming out and there seemed to be some timing issues with our order.

Ale Crust Italian Grinder

Ale Crust Italian Grinder

Since we’ve never been to Old Chicago, we wanted to order a variety of things to really get a feel for their menu. Their pizza seems to be a slight casualty of whatever was happening in the kitchen that night, but overall, aside from the slightly soggy crust and freshly uncanned peppers, it had a nice flavor and was a great size. I feel like this had to have been some growing pains of some sort or perhaps just a bit of bad clock management in the kitchen. It happens and I definitely don’t fault them for that!
20160127_194710.jpgI’m a sucker for wings, in fact, when I met Big J for the first time, I told him we could meet as long as he brought me wings and beer 🙂  Unfortunately these wings didn’t live up to first date status. Again, maybe due to the kitchen issue? I’m not sure but there really weren’t any redeeming qualities about them. So far that’s the ONLY complaint I had about the food!
Did I mention that our server was an absolute GEM?!?!?! He was on top of the kids’ drinks and was the perfect mix of attentive and “let us eat in peace” he seemed to have that gift of knowing exactly when to show up at the table! I’m really upset that I don’t remember his name to give him proper credit! He even offered me a taster when I was curious about one of their featured brews.


Stupid Spicy Burger


BBQ Bacon Burger


Calzone as big as his mouth!


The less adventurous cheeseburger and fries


Shhhh LOOK, no one is FIGHTING!!!

Happy Birthday Boy We are stuffedIt’s true there were a few hiccups in our experience, but nothing that would keep me from going back. Overall our experience was fantastic! No one is perfect and even though we want perfection when we dine out, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. You either roll with it or let it ruin your time. There was nothing beyond forgiveness and I can see us making the drive to Katy again for a fun family outing.

#Oldchicagopizzaisbetterthanyours is a hashtag that could very easily gain traction on the Houston food scene! Keep up the great work and we’ll see y’all there again soon!

Have y’all tried Old Chicago? What did you think?


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