2016 Nerd Fitness 4 Week Challenge Day 1

Day 1


Weight: 192.6

Thighs: 26″

Hips: 42″

Waist: 36″

**There will be pictures posted at the end of the 4 week challenge**

Today was a pretty good day!

I did NOT get up early to run, but I did run 7 miles which brings me to 23.3 so far! YAY!img_20160104_210441.jpg
Coincidentally today is a rest day on my bodyweight workout!

I tried to install my pullup bar today but the adjusters were stripped out so I’ll have to make pitstops at the park to work on those pesky pullups- (I did stop on the way home last night. I held for 60 seconds, regripped 4 times but never let go of the bar!

I didn’t get any studying done, but I did purge over 3k emails from my inbox and worked on some behind the scenes blogging thingys so I’m counting that as a win for the day.

Food choices were decent, but I neglected to pack lunch. However, that being said, I did NOT overeat at dinner and opted for bone broth instead of snacks!

It’s past bedtime, so I’m going to call it a night.

Cheer y’all and let’s hit it again tomorrow!!!


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