2016 Nerd Fitness Challenge Day 8

Shhhh don’t tell anybody I totally didn’t post any updates over the weekend. Wanna know why?

I took a rest day Friday.

Saturday we spent the better part of the day at S’s swim meet. I did get about 2 full hours of studying in. It was a really long meet!Swim fishy

We might have had a little fun with the groceries, because breakfast for the girls wasSalted caramel cream cheese

And dinner wasspaghetti taco ingredients Spaghetti tacos

I did get a solid run in after this craziness we called dinner! Add 5 miles to that total please!

Sunday Funday was spent at Moody Gardens! Got home really late, but enjoyed every minute with these guys!Headed to Moody Gardens

So that brings us to today. I explained in my Nerd Fitness Challenge thread that I was going to go ahead and alter some of my goals already. Just by typing that out, I already feel better! Check it out.

I worked on some blog related stuff, but didn’t get any studying done. I did tack another 6 miles on to the tally board! 2016, I am coming for you!Monday Night run

It’s hard for me to admit when I put too much on my plate, but today that decision helped me get caught up on some other things I’ve been neglecting. I really don’t want to turn into one of these-RunHole

How do you deal when you know you’ve stretched yourself too thin? Do you bow out of a few things gracefully or do you stick it out no matter what?

How do you feel when you make that choice?

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