Sunday Snippets December 6th

Happy Sunday!

What a week! Seriously, life never seems to slow down!

Here’s a quick recap of what went down!

I ran 12 miles (a bit behind where I need to be to hit my 150 goal)
400 Burpees. Trying to string more than one or two days together is HARD!

Food intake was decent. I am starting to feel like tracking, while beneficial, can cause me to be rather neurotic about it, and obsessing over logging food is not a healthy plan for me. I will continue to log on an “as needed” basis, when I feel like I need to reign it in or get an idea of calorie or macro counts, but I won’t be tracking every single bite.

Water intake was good this week too. I’m holding steady at about a gallon a day.

I got one GREAT night of sleep and averaged about 5.5-6.5 hours a night for the rest of the week.

We finally finished up the last of the turkey day leftovers~

One Pot Leftover Turkey Stroganoff

S had a swim meet on Thursday. I seriously love watching this girl swim. She glides through the water like a dolphin. It’s hard to explain, but it’s simply beautiful to watch her!

Grandma came in yesterday. It’s so nice to have her here!!!

We got Nanny!

Knowing the coming week is going to be nutzo, we all went to dinner tonight!

Kisses at Los CucosNanny

Cheers to a great week behind us and another ahead of us!
I’d love to hear what’s keeping you busy this week!

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