Momito – Healthy Mocktail for Moms

Amanda here~With the holidays upon us and parties around every corner, I’m pleased to share this fabulous recipe for a mocktail from the brilliant mind of Bon Crowder!

Yummy Momito drink - safe for pregnancy too!

I invented this drink while pregnant. But it’s great for non-pregnant moms, too. Especially during parties when you’re stuck being the driver. Or you’re resisting the dehydrating effects of alcohol.


2 packages Truvia

1/4 cup lemon juice

3-5 spearmint leaves

3 cups crushed ice

3 cups water

In a blender, mix lemon juice, spearmint, 1 cup crushed ice and sweetener until the leaves are pretty chopped up. Add in water and the rest of the ice and blend just until stirred together.

Drink from a fancy glass garnished with a sprig of spearmint.

Act smug.

Contributed by Bon Crowder, math mom and education fanatic, who works to empower parents to take back their role as math homework helper.

Check out her blog for various articles on math learning. And join the supportive community of parents in the Facebook group Empowering Parents to Tackle Math to help with your adventures of math at home.


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