#NoExcusesNovember Day 5

Again going to keep in short and sweet. Today was relatively unimpressive. I didn’t get up and run and contrary to the plans I made for myself I didn’t run this evening either, but rather than blame it on anything, I am taking full ownership by saying that given the events of the day I chose NOT to run or workout. #noExcusesNovember

Took Little S (I should come up with a better internet name for her- she’s not so little anymore!!!) for a haircut!!!Side Swept Pixie side swept undercut

All my food and poor choices are logged in MFP for all to see, yet still somehow came in under calorie budget???- I’ll take it.
I only ate part of it….Steak asparagus tater tots

Looking forward to yet another crazy weekend starting tomorrow- taking the cat to have his mancard revoked. Then Saturday my two oldest girls will once again have the opportunity to sing together! Little S will be joining the Treble Choir because one of the girls will not be able to attend! I’m sorry for the other girl, but joyous that Little S will be able to sing with her sister once again! I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t bring tears to my eyes. And you can be sure that there will be video!

In the interest of honesty and the spirit of #noexusesnovember, it’s 10:00pm and it’s VERY likely that I won’t be getting up in the morning to run or lift or ANYTHING until it’s absolutely necessary. “just sayin”

I hope you all have a peaceful night!!



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