#NoExcusesNovember Day 3 & a Giveaway WINNER

Day 3 is in the books y’all and it was a pretty good one! Don’t worry, I didn’t skip day 2, I just never published the post- I think I was tired 🙂

So, let’s back track a little bit and quickly recap Monday.
I did get up and run before work. 2 miles. I felt really sluggish, like my legs forgot how to run. wpid-20151102_060751.jpg

I logged my food in MFP – including the 4 Fun Size Snickers :/

Baked chicken sauteed broccoli

#NoExcusesNovember isn’t just about diet and fitness, it’s about doing the things you don’t necessarily like so that you can spend quality time with what inspires and nourishes you!

Day 2 concluded successfully by my being in bed and asleep by 10:00 pm!

Which led to a much better start to day 3! FREE slushies when the TEXANS WIN!Texans WIN FREE Slushies at Sonic

I ran 2.25 this morning and while it was a little longer and a little faster, I really feel like I’m starting from square one with my running. My legs just felt really heavy. I squeezed in some shoulder and triceps exercizes before heading to work.
Lunchtime was ridiculously productive today- with the help of my ridiculously talented and brilliant at XOJO I was able to install a brand spankin’ new landing page to tell y’all the crazy awesome benefits of using XOJO!
I made good progress on some way overdue baby booties and still managed to eat my lunch and check my social media 🙂baby booties
Congratulations going out to Jenny K  for winning the SkirtSports Vixen Capri! Hope to see pics of you rockin’ that sweet skirt on a run really soon!

Logged all my food in MFP again today and I’m kind of shocked I was able to stay under goal and I’m really full! Mac and cheese with baked chicken

All in all it was a pretty great day! Tomorrow will be exciting- I am FINALLY going to be able to make a meeting with the Houston Food Bloggers Collective  I’m on the Advisory Council and I’m really excited to be a part of such a great local group of passionate foodies!!!
Well, loves, I’m off to bed! How is your #NoExcusesNovember going? What are your goals for this month- I’d love to know if I can help you reach your goals- tell me in the comments what you’re working on!

HI, Impact Radius

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  1. GiGi Eats says:

    It should be “no excuses never” – ha ha ha! But hey, we can all start with November (the second hardest month to start something like this), right? 😉 You’re kicking some booty!! And have fun at the blogger meeting! Friggin’ LOVE meeting like-minded people 🙂

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