Label It!!! with StickerKid and a #giveaway

Chances are if you have kids, and those kids go to school, you’ve heard this:

MOM!!!!! Somebody took my {insert beloved object/item’s name}

We’ve all been there, done that. Send something with the kids and it never comes home. StickerKid has you covered. You may have even been lucky enough to bring something to work and have it grow legs and walk away on you…Not anymore!

StickerKid has a great variety of super durable stickers to choose from! There are stickers big enough for books and toys and some that are little enough to put on a pencil!
Key features:

Name Labels ideal for nurseries, kindergartens and schools.

As a blogger, you want to try to find things that will make you memorable, right?
I found that StickerKid labels were PERFECT to add to my Sweat Pink laces to hand out at events.

Sweat Pink with MommyGoRun

I especially love that you can add pictures to some of the bigger labels. These are perfect to carry your blog brand off the page and out into the world!

Advocare MommyGoRun


Now StickerKid wants to give you a chance to put these amazing labels to work! Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win $20 + free shipping toward anything on their site!

I hope you love StickerKid as much as I do!!
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