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Yeehaw y’all we made it through the first week of September (well, almost…there’s still Saturday, but let’s not stress about details)

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I set a lofty goal for myself in order to get back on track to complete running 2015 miles this year. I signed up to commit to running 300 miles this month.

***Disclaimer*** you should always check with your doctor before beginning any new fitness endeavor to be sure it is safe for you***

300 miles breaks down to about 10 miles a day if you run every day.

In these first 4 days of September I’ve run a total of 31.2 miles. Not too shabby considering that’s about half of what I ran the ENTIRE month of August!

You may have noticed that many of my running posts feature Xojo. I’ve been using this product for several months but not with any real consistency. I’ve decided to get a little more serious with it considering it’s benefits will directly impact my ability to complete my September goal. (Will provide documentation as to xojo’s purpose -placeholder)

This week’s workouts in picturesoldguyrunning challengeville

biking11 miles during the first half of the game


Tuesday morning


friday morning

Friday night ride

legs up!


It’s mind boggling to me that with this sudden increase in mileage both running and biking, by using XOJO I have had absolutely NO muscle soreness and ZERO joint pain. Both of which have been common for me after any runs longer than 3-5 miles.
I’m looking forward to next week’s workouts to see how XOJO keeps me running!

Be on the lookout in the days to come for how you can get your hands on XOJO as well and other useful information to help you decide if XOJO is right for you.


    • Amanda Medau says:

      I’m tempted to say it’s TOO MANY miles! I’m exhausted! Feeling a little burned out, but man it’s hard to abandon a goal so I will probably just keep on truckin’!

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