Start Over Sunday July 26 edition

Sometimes in life I get so wrapped up in the hustle of things I need and want to do I become paralyzed. There are so many directions I am being pulled and it’s easy to let perfectionism set in.

If I can’t do EVERYTHING perfectly then why bother starting at all?

This is a fight I have had with myself for as much of my adult life as I can remember and it extends beyond the normal day to day things like cleaning and cooking new foods. I’ve put off strength training in my fitness routines because it’s not something I thought I was good at. Scratch that. I didn’t think I was PERFECT at it so I would start a routine, get frustrated that I wasn’t strong enough to do each exercise, let life get in the way and that was the first thing to go. And since I didn’t feel like it was my strong suit (see what I did there) it was all too easy to excuse it right out of my schedule. If I’m not strong enough to do REAL pushups, why do any? If I can’t do alternating v-sits as many times as the routine calls for, then…..I just WON’T.DO.ANY.  If I can’t drag the kids to the gym then there’s just no point in even trying. Believe it or not I have a terrible habit of doing that with my running as well. If I can’t run the number of miles I *think* I should, I just skip it or use an excuse to avoid it.

Today, Sunday I am refocusing my efforts to ditch my perfectionism.  I snatched up a workout regime from and even though I can’t do EVERYTHING exactly as written, I’m going to do what I can and modify what I can’t. day 4 from bodybuilding dot com

No bench, no problemno bench no problem work with what you have Incline pushups since I’m not quite strong enough for *real* ones yetwhat you can is better than nothing Dumbbell fliesdumbbell flies wpid-20150726_110611.jpg Alternating curlsalternating curls Curlscurls curls Reverse cruncheswpid-20150726_112229.jpg Scissor kicksscissor kickI feel really good about this, both physically and mentally. I know where I am and I’m learning to be OK with myself with where I am RIGHT NOW.
Does that mean I’m satisfied? Not even close, but I’m not going to make any progress if I can’t start somewhere! I don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.

Progress NOT perfection.

Do you battle perfectionism?

How do you overcome it in your life?




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