National French Friday Day at St Arnold’s Brewery


It’s really no secret that I love french fries. They have topped my favorite food list for as long as I can remember, so when Houston Food Bloggers Collective sent word that in honor of National French Fry Day, St. Arnold’s Brewery was hosting an event that made the humble french fry center stage- There was no question…I’m IN!

Obligatory Event Selifie complete with Photobomb

Ryan Savoie, Saint Arnold’s executive chef prepares more than 18 tons of fried every year. His passion for the perfectly prepared French Fry is truly evident in the end result.

Chili queso green onion bacon

Chef Savoie hand cuts half-pound russets and washes them multiple times then blanches them at 250 degrees until golden. He then allows them to cool and dry completely until ready to serve. Each order gets a final cook at 360 degrees. A little salt and pepper and you have the most amazingly crunchy and delicious french fries in Houston.


“People may think it’s strange, but I really enjoy cutting and washing the potatoes,” said Savoie. “It’s

the first thing I do every day and one of the last things I do – it’s relaxing and cathartic. The common

mistake people make is thinking that a soggy fry results from under-cooking. It is almost always the

result of under-washing. Starch cooks faster than the potato itself, so washing the starch off will let

the potato cook properly, which promotes crunch.”

In honor of National French Fry Day, Savoie prepared an outstanding spread of accompaniments, including chili, spicy cheese curds, guacamole, bacon bits, Million Island dressing, jalapenos, Santo Queso, garlic aioli and, of course, ketchup.


I couldn’t decide on just one topping so I tried a little of everything. Even my first taste of foie gras. I limited myself to two servings although I’m quite certain I could have cleaned out the kitchen of every last spud!wpid-20150713_182046.jpg

What’s a trip to Saint Arnold without a beer? They have a brew for every taste. I had the Summer Pils and it was everything summer beer should be. Clean, crisp, and refreshing.


Each of Saint Arnold’s 13 year-round beers has won a medal at either the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) or the World Beer Cup. The brewery’s most highly decorated beer, Saint Arnold Summer Pils has won six GABF medals. It is currently available in stores and on tap.

I just couldn't decide what toppings I wantedThe event itself was hip, lively and upbeat. A little bit of a drive to make it a hot spot for us. But definitely a great experience! We love to support local companies and we were not disappointed!

Where do you get your fry on?

Do you like to keep in familiar or are you up for new and unknown experiences?
I’d love to hear what you think and where you go.
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