Best April Fools Day EVER!

Big S has been promised a car for a while now and today her dad text me and asked me to go with him to look at one for her.
We looked over the car and decided that it would be perfect for her and after ironing out details with the seller we crafted a plan.  We were going to tell her that it was too good to be true and there were mechanical problems that killed the deal. I text her and told her we would have to keep looking. I drove the car back and parked it in the neighbors driveway while her dad went in and told her I needed to talk to her.

I put on a sad face (which was terribly difficult! I was about to come out of my skin with excitement!) and I wrapped my arms around her and told her how sorry I was that we didn’t get the car. I pulled the key out of my pocket and held it up to her… She started bawling and we all – me, dad, and stepmom yelled, “April fools!!!”  I’m pretty sure we got her good!!!

wpid-20150401_201229.jpg Savannah-and-her-new-carDid you pull any pranks today?

Did anyone pull a prank on you?

What’s the best prank you’ve ever done or had done to you?

I don’t think we can top this one!


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