You know it’s been a while when…

You not only forget your login and password for your blog, but after several failed attempts you realize you’re attempting to log in to entirely the WRONG SITE!!!


Well that just goes to show that my mind has been in other places and definitely not anywhere near the blogisphere. I haven’t been completely unplugged. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I am alive and well. IG is just the platform that seems to be the most convenient for me.

I’m still plugging away at that 2015 miles in 2015 goal. After today’s 7 miler I’m happily sitting at just over 300 miles for the year. Now, according to Runkeeper I need to up my weekly mileage to about 43 miles a week to meet that goal. I’m not sure that’s realistic, but I’m working on my schedule so that I am getting my runs in the morning again so there’s no excuses in the evenings with kid events and I’m too tireds.

That being said, I need to hop on off of here and finish my before bed routine and get myself a few hours sleep. I’m going to reestablish routines so that I don’t feel like I have to do everything every day. I’m going to break down big projects into smaller more manageable tasks so that I stop feeling so overwhelmed.

Mondays are for a quick overall house spruce up

Tuesdays are Rest/me days with focus on small enjoyable tasks

Wednesdays are “Zone” days (see for more info on that) and planning for the week ahead/desk time-aka blogging planning & writing

Thursdays are undecided- Flylady calls for it to be grocery and errand day, but I don’t really see that as an attainable goal…too much other stuff going on~ it may turn into another Zone and blog writing day…not sure yet

Fridays are Date nights. I’m looking forward to this! Now, I’m not talking about going out to eat or out to the movies, but I think it’ll be fun to make it a family fun night at home…I’m really wanting to bring back Wii Fit Friday. I know that wasn’t very long lived, but it was fun, and good for us. We can watch movies as a family and have popcorn and make something special for dinner (that doesn’t require anyone staying in the kitchen for hours cooking and cleaning up!)

Saturdays are family fun days. Little J has started soccer and I’m pretty sure his games will be on Saturdays so it’s a great excuse to get everyone outside and active!

Sundays are for REST and Renewal. Whatever that I feel like I need to do to re-energize myself for the week ahead is what I need to do. Usually that is a service from Flatirons Community Church and some relaxation with the family.

It looks so simple, but actually getting myself into a routine has proven quite challenging.

I know just WANTING it, isn’t enough. I have to WORK as hard as I WANT.

How do you keep your life in balance and on schedule?

Are you a “to do” list maker or a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of person?

Sweet Dreams y’all and let’s have a great week!!sweet-dreams

-xoxoxox Amanda

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