Mid December Monday Madness

Well hey y’all! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been around. Usually when that happens it means that my life has gone spiraling out of control and I’m hanging on for dear life to maintain any sort of balance or control in motherhood, fitness and healthy eating. The house is finally settled, and I’ve STOPPED doing stuff (that’s hard for me to do) now it’s time to unwind and reflect on things. I am super happy to report that while I missed a weeks worth of runs/workouts I do indeed still have a firm grip on my life!

I am eating mindfully for the most part and NOT letting the stress of the season get to me. In fact, I’m nearly done with my Christmas shopping!!! I’ve indulged a little with the holiday treats, but not so terribly much that I’m putting on weight or feeling gross- that’s a HUGE win!

I know most people dread Mondays but I look at them as brand new start. A clean page. A chance to start over if you feel like you’ve messed up.

This morning I got up and ran. 5 miles. My food was good today except for the half a Payday bar I inhaled without even really tasting it. I did a self evaluation at work to identify things that I need to work on to improve my productivity. Funny I need to work on those same things at home!!!

It’s getting late, I’ve had a full and busy day and you know it just never stops! I hope you all embrace Mondays as a day to rekindle to flame that fuels the fire of your goals!!!

Here’s a few favorite things that have happened in my life lately….picture style!!!20141206_162044 20141206_170728 20141206_231944 20141207_001942

Aren’t they GORGEOUS with purple hair?!?!?!
20141205_160038Thank you Clumsy Crafter for inspiring THIS craziness!20141207_003527 20141207_004356 20141207_00454020141209_191603 20141209_200955

So proud of Big S- she surprised me with another solo. She’s got the voice of an angel!20141208_194729

Merry Christmas from all my critters to yours!!!


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