Week 2 Nerdfitness Challenge

We should call week 2 “How NOT to keep track of your Challenge”


Other than the little offroading adventure below, the week was really quite decent as far as food goes. Workouts are a completely different beast though. My toes were jacked up from Sunday’s half marathon. It must have been the rain soaking my feet that caused some serious issues in my shoes but my little piggies look like they ran a full marathon followed by a repeat of my Spartan Toe experience and it’s taken longer than expected to be able to wear shoes without pain. Honestly, I between my toes and some scheduling hiccups I ‘excuse’d myself out of making working out a priority. Shame on me. wpid-20141117_131807.jpg
As far as my other challenge goals for the week, dinner time with no electronics has been pretty successful. I have really been enjoying having actual conversations with the kids over dinner.
wpid-20141117_181958.jpgThe chill in the air brought a request for comfort food- grilled cheese and tomato soup!


Knowing the bread would wreak havoc on my belly I whipped up this hot mess. Tilapia tacos with avocado wrapped with sliced turkey instead of tortillas. At the end of the day I was still more than 1000 cal under my goal even after a late night snack of tortilla chips with melted cheese and 3 Butterfinger bites. wpid-20141117_191311.jpgMore cold weather goodness- homemade chicken noodle soup.wpid-20141118_181203.jpgPot luck at work I made corn relish ispired by THIS recipe from Food Network’s The Neely’s I think folks were afraid to try it and I’m so glad because that means I got to bring it home and eat itmyself!!!

wpid-20141118_222845.jpgAchy joints from all that sugar and wheat junk calls for some heavy duty broth- made from beef neck bones. Ohhh so yummy and good for you!wpid-20141119_182648.jpgI know the scale is a big fat liar and isn’t the best indicator of progress, but I can’t help but celebrate that it’s going in the right direction…DOWN!!! I’m still much heavier than I was even last year at this point, but I’m not terribly concerned because my clothes fit properly and I feel really good about my progress. I also fully expect that number to creep up again when I start weight training again~
wpid-20141120_223448.jpgLittle P’s first Thanksgiving feast at “real” school. wpid-20141120_104423.jpgI think she was excited that I surprised her by bringing Daddy too!!!wpid-20141120_104642.jpgwpid-20141120_104702.jpgFor school food it wasn’t half bad 🙂 wpid-20141120_104634.jpgA rare sight to see- Big S not drowning in homework and feeling like kicking little J’s butt in basketball!wpid-20141120_161615.jpgI told P to climb into bed and I would read her a book. By the time I got upstairs, she was O.U.T!wpid-20141120_235027.jpgFriday was little J’s feast at school. It was a blast. He started pre-k when I went back to work and he’s now in 5th grade and it hurts my heart that I think this was the first school event I got to attend for him. At least the first in the last 3.5 years. I am so thankful and blessed to be working for the school district again and I’m so grateful that my boss is ridiculously supportive of family time. Thank you!wpid-20141121_121241.jpgLittle P was on her way to music and spotted us in the cafeteria- she couldn’t resist a picture with brother and her boyfriend 🙂wpid-20141121_122239.jpgSaturday I took Mace for a bike ride to see if that would tucker him out…he’s a bit energetic…I think it worked!!!wpid-20141122_133628.jpgLooks like somebody else was a bit tired too. This is how I found her when I got back from our little excursion.


Sometimes you just have to have a salad bigger than your head. See, I told you the food wasn’t too bad!!!


Little S spent most of the weekend in bed not feeling 100%, and nobody likes sick pics so….

It was a long week with lots of ups and downs and getting turned around, but we made it through strong and whole and ready to face another week!!!

Overall, aside from missing workouts and an extreme failure to track, the week was a success. I am happy with the progress of my house and the continued improvement in my relationship with my kids. I couldn’t ask for more than that.  I am truly blessed and I am so grateful for all that I have been given.

In this season of thankfulness, what are you most thankful for?

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