Nerd Fitness Challenge Week 1 in Review

Since I already posted days 1 & 2, we’ll just continue from there.

Day 3 (Wednesday) brought the realization that while the goal of morning workouts was great in theory, it just doesn’t fit realistically into my current schedule. I’ve adjusted my challenge goals accordingly. I’ve added the goal of making more of an effort with my hair and makeup for work. I think that will do just as much good for my self confidence as improving my health and fitness.

Food was on point Wednesday:

Pulled pork carnitas and brussels sproutsPulled Pork and eggsWe had a great homework night, although there were moments of frustration we were able to work through it without anyone losing their tempers! As much as I know little J dislikes homework, I think he’s beginning to understand that it’s not meant as a punishment, but as a way for him to succeed.

I took Little J and Little P to the apartment gym where despite the Gym Jerks  I cranked out a 4.4 mile run.

We did have the TV on during dinner, but I’m happy to report that we had great conversation and joked and laughed a lot!A boy and his dog

I stayed up entirely too late cleaning and venting after the gym episode so Thursday morning wake up was quite the challenge!!! But at least Jasper the cat tried to lighten the mood!what? Laptops were meant for kitten pawsStalking his prey

Thursday, despite almost being late for work, it was a fantastic day. Lunch was an asparagus frittata and dinner was a spaghetti squash Italian bake.

Asparagus FrittataSpaghetti squash pasta bake and salmon

It was yet another good homework night and I worked on Little S’s laptop. Picked up a few outfits for P from Target, and a watch for Little J. He’s got a really nice watch he never gets to wear because it’s missing the back so I picked him up an every day watch.

I did get my cross training in after Little P went to bed. Did a Nike Training workout along with Runtastic’s pushup and squat workouts.

Friday, again not too exciting, no workout, but definitely a few picture worthy moments…Little P hamming it upNap time

Little P played school with all her babies. They had library time then nap time.

She fell asleep trying to read to Little S.
nothing better than a good bookSaturday was family day and a concert for Big S. I’ll have to get the pics off of the ‘real’ camera!

I let the kids get food from the Arches but I didn’t want to take any chances the night before a race so I had squash and eggs for lunch and sauteed broccoli and pork for dinner.

eggs and squashpre race noms

Sunday, the day of rest, the day to renew your spirit. Boy I sure did!!! Started the day with the La Port By the Bay Half Marathon (Recap coming soon), followed that up with a glorious nap and lounging on the couch to watch my beloved Texans win today’s game! Finished up the day with some fabulous ME time working on Little S’s scoodie (I can’t wait to show y’all this crazy thing) and nearly a FULL POUND OF beef ribeye. Yes, go ahead and drool…it was ahhhhhhhhhmazing!

BEEFWrapping up this beautiful day with some nice quiet blogging! Time for bed and lets get ready to have a rockin’ week 2!

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