Sunday Funday RUN day

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest right? HA!! Not when you’re a mom, and trying to squeeze marathon training in! I’ve put together a plan with the full intentions that you all will help me get to my goal of running the Houston Marathon.

October training planNovember training planDecember training plan

At the very least I need to raise $475. My Nerdfitness family has graciously stepped up to the plate and donated $250 already. That’s 52% of the way there!!!  Please check out Team RWB then c’mon back and help me help them.

I have to tell you, I am so deeply blessed. This morning I ran 12 miles. There were moments that I was truly in the “zone” and there wasn’t a single moment when I doubted I could finish!Marathon training, 12 miles

I’m super fortunate that my littles are pretty self sufficient and let me totally shower and melt into my mattress for a couple hours post run.  To reward them we made donut holes, then took a 3 mile walk (they rode bikes) and then we walked to the pool. The water was so cold it was just as good as an ice bath!Donut holesIcy waterfallsRecovery

I definitely had an appetite today- I ate a couple donut holes, maybe one or two cookies, and most importantly I ate some really good post run fuel!saladribs and tater

All in all it was an absolutely lovely day. Sometimes it’s really hard to put into words how grateful you are for the blessings you’ve been given…

Thank you, Lord, for seeing fit to give me so much more than I deserve. Not only thank you for what you’ve already given, but thank you for always providing everything I need whether or not it’s what I “want”. Teach me to be always humble and always trust in your will and to stop trying to lean on my own understanding.

G’night y’all, time to rest up for another outstanding week!

What are you thankful for this week?

Any ideas to help me raise the remaining $225? Let’s get creative y’all! Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Kristy @Runaway Bridal Planner says:

    I love runs like that where you have hard moments, but then can go right into the “zone” and just feel fabulous and enjoy every step on the pavement!

    I once did a charity run, and raised money for cancer research. I had to get pretty creative because I had to raise over 5 grand.
    One thing that may work for you and your busy schedule, and it’s something I found to be fun too. I contacted an NBA arena and asked if I could work a concession stand for free and just raise tip money. So I actually filled a concession stand with some family members we all worked for free, and had a tip jar out and I just told people what we were doing. Most people are cool with it, (especially those who are on their 2nd or 3rd beer) and we made a few hundred a night when we did that. Plus it was cool because on nights their were concerts we got to go watch the concert free after the concession stand was closed:) Good luck raising your funds and with your training!

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