Where did the summer go?

You know y’all I’m getting really tired of this sporadic, once in a bazillion years update posting business!!!! I feel like I’m always behind the 8 ball, when I finally feel like I have a grip on life some crazy messed up shit comes flying in from left field and socks me right between the eyes!  So maybe I should just resign myself to the fact that my blogging may never be “on track” or on a set schedule! I also suppose that I should learn to just chill the eff out and not let a timeline determine my worth as a blogger, mother or wife! I do a damn lot in the course of the day, and it’s high time I stop beating myself up for not doing more!!!

You see, not only do I try to blog, but I really do try to be a good and actively participating mother in my children’s lives; I try to be a good and nurturing wife to my husband and I sincerely try to do my absolute best in my job. So why do I feel like it’s never enough? Perhaps I’ll never know the whys of it…maybe I should just try to learn and grow and “LEVEL UP” every day. 

But enough rambling, you see how quickly I get off topic? 

I started this post to share with you some of the wonderful things I got to do this summer!

Big J brought home this little bundle of freaking adorable and we started running togetherwpid-20140728_055625.jpg wpid-20140727_215019.jpg I made a hat for Big S. I think it looks too small so I actually don’t expect her to wear it….like EVER….

wpid-img_20140727_184010.jpg Our apartment complex seemed to have an aversion to cleaning the damn swimming pool so we improvised- what, you’ve never swam on the patio before???

wpid-20140726_181418.jpgMr little J was all excited to see Need for Speed and it was surprisingly a pretty decent movie.

Little J looking all like Syndrome (bad guy from The Incredibles) ha ha ha ha ha wpid-20140725_195559.jpg

I was fortunate enough to have been asked by The Color Run to promote and run in their Kaleidoscope Tour this year! Little J ran it with me last year and it seemed only fitting to have him run it with me again. I did give him the option to “race” it if he wanted to, but my sweet son chose to just run it casually with his dear old mama! wpid-20140823_082614.jpg wpid-20140823_090103.jpg wpid-20140823_090229.jpg Couldn’t resist this pic…..I’m pretty sure we all wanted a reduced speed…it was hot as hell and humid as could be!wpid-20140823_091105.jpg wpid-20140823_091515.jpg These two love birds walked the entire course hand in hand and were absolute proof that love and fitness know NO age limits!wpid-20140823_091803.jpg wpid-20140823_092504.jpg wpid-20140823_092822.jpgapplying mascara….really!?!?!?! You’re covered in funky colors…who are you trying to impress? After seeing this girl, I don’t think anything can surprise me at a race! wpid-20140823_094107.jpg wpid-20140823_094909.jpg wpid-20140823_103406.jpg wpid-20140823_161620.jpgYes, I really went out in public like this! I have no shame…..and possibly no dignity! wpid-20140824_122806.jpg Little S wanted to chop off her hair. I think it totally suits her personalitywpid-20140824_195316.jpg Last night of SUMMERwpid-20140824_194004.jpg wpid-20140824_193913.jpg wpid-20140824_193709.jpg wpid-20140824_193706.jpg wpid-20140824_193704.jpg wpid-20140824_193637.jpg wpid-20140824_193630.jpg wpid-20140824_193558.jpg wpid-20140824_193544.jpg wpid-20140824_194004.jpgI may or may not have cried a lot. I am such a proud mama. I can not believe that all of my babies are in school already. They are all so unique and full of life and their personalities just shine like nothing else. I can’t even begin to describe how proud I am of each of them and how amazing it has been to watch them grow and blossom into the stunning creatures they are all becoming!

It’s incredible to think that I have a high school JUNIOR, and 8th grader, a 5th grader, and a kindergartner. When did they all grow up? How in the world did the years pass so quickly when the hours can sometimes drag on for eternity? How can days seem never ending, while years evaporate like mist in the blazing sun? I’m terrified that I will blink and they will all be out on their own, living their own lives, leaving me behind (as they should) and the moments I treasure more than life will be gone with them.

So while the summer passed entirely too quickly and so many things were left undone, we can only face each day striving to do a little bit more and be a little bit better than we were able to do yesterday; making the most of these fleeting moments, these never ceasing sands flowing through the hourglass of our lives and know that while we can’t hold on to them forever, we can certainly cherish each and every one of them as they wistfully travel through our fingertips. 



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