July check in. Yes, I fell off the planet

Hey y’all! I’ve missed you terribly. I’ve tried to stay active at least on Instagram so you’d know I hadn’t died or anything! 🙂
Now, normally when it’s been eons of time since my last post I try to catch you up by dumping a gazillion pictures in a post and calling it done. Not this time. If you really want to “see” what’s been going on you can always go check out my Instagram page.
It seems like I’m always telling you “there’s so much going on in my life right now” and this post is no different. I haven’t updated this crazy blog with pertinent personal information since June 4 and here it is nearly a month later. To sum it up the rest of June was pretty lackluster as far as workouts- meaning that I didn’t do much of anything since the Spartan. On June 18th I was fired from my job. And while it totally sucks from the financial standpoint, it has done amazing things for my stress level and my personal well being. Initially I thought I’d get up early every morning and run and that I’d be posting blog posts left and right. Well you know what they say about “the best laid plans!”

So for the last few weeks I stayed up way too late so I could be awake when J got home from work and that in turn made it nearly impossible to get up early to go run or workout and that of course made me start feeling bad about myself and we all know what starts to take hold then….Negative Self Talk….

Something was different this time. Rather than completely spiraling out of control, I reminded myself that I am the ONLY ONE that can control ME, so I gave myself permission to feel bad, fat, ugly, and just plain crappy, and then I STOPPED and decided it was time to recommit to myself. I’ve applied or sent my resume to at least one company every weekday since I was fired and starting Monday- June 30th- I’m determined to move every single day. Trying out the whole #HardHatChallenge

So far that looks like this:

Running 3x per week

Nerd Fitness Dumbbell Workout level 3 3x per week

rest one day

It’s not a perfect plan and life certainly isn’t perfect but I want to get to the end of July looking and feeling like the woman I know I am. Strong, confident, beautiful, intelligent, warm, caring, loving and determined to achieve her goals!

How do you get yourself back on track after a major life change?

Do you give yourself permission to feel crappy or are you always positive?


  1. Mary Long says:

    Everyone is entitled to be down on themselves sometimes. The point is you recognized it before it was out of control. If I was there, I would tell you to suck it up Buttercup! But you figured that our already – LOL Remember the eternal words of Elle… “Endorphins make you happy!” Enjoy the time off with your kids. I hope something job related comes your way soon!

  2. cathyo says:

    you’ve got a great attitude. I’m sure your determination will pay off soon! Until then, enjoy your free time. Lord knows once a new job comes along that will disappear quickly!

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