Well it was Tuesday when I Started this!

Ok, I’m way past bedtime, but I just had to type up a little ditty to say

I worked out this morning before my brain could convince me to hit the snooze one more time!


I had a seriously productive day at work, and J got the cable fixed in our room! Yay, now he can come watch TV when he gets home from work and I can snuggle him. I always sleep so much better when he’s close or touching me!

Big S is spending an obnoxious amout of time with her bf and suprisingly I’m really ok with it- I like him and he’s a very sweet, smart and respectful boy.


Little S is starting to be a little more social IRL and that makes me super happy! She’s even going with some friends to a video game- con this weekend.

Little J is still my momma’s boy and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love how he and Lil P get along. Even when they annoy each other they’re awesome!

So, I stopped at the store on the way home to grab some chicken for dinner. I grabbed 2 10lb bags of leg qtrs marked $6.90- a great deal, but when I got to the register they rang up $3.99 WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! Sweet!

I consulted Big J and went back and picked up another 7 bags. So yes, that means I purchased 90 freaking pounds of chicken today! Some managed to get it all to fit in our little bitty freezer!


I baked 10 pounds of it and now we have 7 containers of ready to go chicken and rice! That takes the guesswork out of “what am I going to bring for lunch?”


Like I said, it’s way past bedtime I just wanted to quick share the awesome chicken find and the super great day. Now hopefully I can fall asleep quickly so I can be rested enough to get up again and do it all over again tomorrow. Well, except the chicken part. I really don’t have any more room.

Have you every been super excited about a food find?

Tell me something that you can celebrate today!

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