Monday Ramblings

Hello June! Where the heck did you come from? It seems like just last week it was May. Hahahaha but really, this year is just flying by. It’s crazy hard to
believe that 2014 is nearly half over already!

Life as it stands-
The truth of the matter is, I’ve really slacked off since the Super Spartan in May. I’ve let my eating slide a little and I have done little to no excersise whatsoever. I understand that when you break a bone you need to let it heal, but there’s no reason I couldn’t have done something- core, upperbody, seated machine work- I just allowed myself to be lazy. I used my foot as an excuse to sleep to the very last moment and not get up and kick ass. Well, that needs to stop NOW. I have way too much that I want to do to allow myself to slack off anymore.

I saw a really great post on IG today and I’d like to try to incorporate it into a weekly blog series

*What did I do this week or today
For my mind
For my body
For my spirit
For my relationships
For my creativity
For my passion

This struck me deeply today. So often we as moms focus on how much we can do for everyone else we love (and some we don’t ie employers) that we neglect
ourselves to the point we begin to feel empty, unloved and resentful. We can’t fill the cups of others when our own is empty, and the only way to fill our
own is to take care of ourselves.
I know my writing can veer off course and get muddled and confusing, but that’s ok because even if it doesn’t come out as a perfect post, it’s the real me
talking. And that’s what this is all about. You get the real me. 100% all the time. Sometimes I’m an awesome writer and I can paint the most glorious
pictures with my words and sometimes it’s all I can do to crank out a coherant sentence that even I can barely make heads or tails of!!!

All that to say, once again, I’m going to try to get my shit together so I can keep working toward the best me that I can be!
These are the things I want to have happen-also known as Goals.
I want to move every day. Since I can’t run just yet, I need to get off my feeling sorry for myself ass and MOVE- bike, weights, bodyweight excersises,
anything. I will be figuring out a plan of attack for this
I want to carve out time daily for me to do things that I enjoy- Most likely this will be reading or blogging. There may be some knitting thrown in there.
But I need ME TIME every day so that I can decompress and re-energize.
I need to communicate with J what I need his help with. Since our time together at home is so limited now, we’ve started using a white board for ‘to do’
notes. He’s not a mind reader and I can’t just assume that he’s going to know what I need him to do to make my life easier. We’ve been using this method for
a couple weeks now and he’s done every single thing I’ve put on the board. You wouldn’t think so, but just NOT having to unload the dishwasher before dinner
is such a time saver for me and it lets me devote more time to the kids or allows me to turn my focus to other things.
I want to get myself to a point where I can either post to my blog or at least dedicate some time to writing ideas daily. This is part of the stop being
lazy plan.
Speaking of lazy, I really know that it’s less about being lazy and more about not being well rested. When J started nights I thought that I’d be able to
get little P to bed and hit the hay shortly thereafter but it hasn’t quite worked out that way. I need to learn to STOP. I know this is a simple thing (I
didn’t say EASY) and if I can implement this so many other aspects of my life will improve. Case in point. As I type this it is 10:50PM on Monday night. The
house is quiet and I’ve got peace to write. However, I know that in 3 hours J will be home from work and while I may not get up when he comes in, and he may
be just as quiet as he can be, I’ll wake up and I’ll be awake for a while before I can doze back off which will make it that much more difficult to get into
bed. So with that being said, I’m going to give this a quick proof, wish you all sweet dreams and a good night, and take my sleepy self to bed and I will
hit the ground running again in the morning. G’night friends!


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