I Really Needed a LYFT!

There’s been so much happening in my little corner of the world lately and unfortunately that leaves me a very tired momma. I’ve mentioned before that I try to avoid coffee in the warmer months because of the weird reaction I have and I’ve been trying to stop drinking the chemical laden energy drinks so with all the changes recently I was in desperate need of something ANYTHING to help me get my exhausted self in gear.

LYFT Clean Caffeine is a brand new way to perk you up. LYFT® Energy Stir Sticks are a “clean caffeine”  energy source that contain a natural source of caffeine derived from green coffee bean extract with A and B vitamin complex that can be stirred into any beverage to give you a “sophisticated energy experience”  I’m not really sure what they mean by  ‘sophistacated’  experience, I can only assume they’re trying to convey that you aren’t going to get the same heart palpitating, muscle twitching, chemically induced buzz as you would from other energy products.

The directions are simple enough.

1. Remove the label over your beverage- there’s a very good reason for that! There are holes at the bottom of the prism shaped tube where the powder comes out

2. Stir. Easy enough right?!?!

3. Enjoy


I wanted to see if there really was a “clean” taste so first I swished the stir stick in my water. It wasn’t tasteless as I had hoped, there was a faint sweetness that I can only describe as artificial sweetener dust. I wasn’t crazy about it, so I added it to my orange drink mix. Perfect. I couldn’t taste it at all.


With the same amount of caffeine as a small coffee it was just what I needed to get me over that 3 o’clock slump and cruise through a busy evening.

They come in packs of 2, 4, 6, or 24 and while looking at the price you’d initially think them pricy- if you think about how much you may spend on a cup of coffee from your favorite place and the calories it contains, the LYFT Clean Caffeine Energy Sticks are comperable value without the calories or gunk!

Disclosure: As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I recieved a sample of Pure LYFT Energy sticks to facilitate this review as part of the #PureLYFT #CleanCaffeine campaign sponsored by Fit Approach, all opinions are mine- as always! 


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