OK, I don’t normally do this, but time is getting short so I am stepping out of my comfort zone and asking for your help!

And it’s my birthday so humor me and read the whole post!

I was the typical big sister when my baby brother was born, I loved him, doted on him, snuggled and fed him and hated him all at the same time. We grew apart as we got older and family issues kept me from having the relationship I longed for.

In 2007 that crazy boy joined the US Army! He trained at Ft Leonard Wood to become an MP, spent a year in South Korea and in September 2009 they sent him to Iraq. 3 months later, in December the HMMWV (Humvee as you may know it) he was driving was attacked. He was hit with a powerful IED. He was severely injured but managed to safely stop the vehicle and they didn’t lose any men. His legs were badly damaged and they amputated his right leg just below the knee. He suffered horrible burns over 7% of his body, inhalation burns and narrowly escaped having his left leg. After 2 years of rehab and countless hours of pain and frustration he is able to walk with his prosthetic! He was medically retired from the army and now devotes his time to his beautiful wife Ashley and their precious children.

Andy now serves as the COO of the Houston (now American) Amputee Society where he works tirelessly to bring together all amputees together in the spirit of camaraderie, unity, and family that they so need.

So it is in his name to honor his service, dedication and passion for life that I ask you to please, consider a small donation to my fundraiser to help the Houston (American) Amputee Society to continue the work they are doing in this community!

Next weekend, I am undertaking the monumental task of running 3 races in 2 days to bring attention to the amputee community!

Saturday, May 17th I will run the Impact a Hero race, then I will drive to Burnet, Texas (approximately 3 hours) to run the Super Spartan – 8+miles & 20+ obstacles, following that up with the Spartan Sprint Sunday morning.

It is with joy in my heart and fear in my soul I will leave everything I have out on those courses. It’s a small sacrifice for all that my brother has done for me and for this country.

If you feel it in your heart to donate to this cause Click on the Logo and that will take you to the donation page!

american amputee


If you’re like a lot of people, you just scrolled to the end of this post! If this is  you, here’s the short version.

It’s my birthday, and all I want for my birthday is to help this worthy cause! So- click that awesome amputee above and show them some love!


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