#FuelYourBetter with #teamVega and a little Esprit de She

Have you ever heard the phrase “membership has it’s privileges?” Well I have to say that being a member of the incredible Sweat Pink Ambassadors program through Fit Approach definitely delivers! I was selected as one of the bloggers to try out a product from the Vega Sport line as a part of their #FUELYOURBETTER campaign.

I recently discovered that in the warmer months my body has an unusual chemical reaction to coffee. I’ve also been really trying to cut back on the chemical laden energy drinks to get me through the 3 o’clock slump. As you can imagine that means that during this transition my body and mind have been very reluctant to get out the door for my evening runs. It’s too easy to pile on the ‘it’s too late’ and ‘I’m too tired’ and ‘I still have so much to do’ excuses.

Enter Vega Sugar Free Energizer I chose this product in part because it is specifically formulated for shorter activities. All I need is a little push out the door, once I’m running the love of it takes over. And given that it’s designed for a shorter workout, I’m not worried that I’m going to feel JACKED all night and start the day off sluggish and yuck because I couldn’t sleep!

And what I look like in the mornings when I get no sleep!.


Vega Sugar Free Energizer gives me just enough oomph to get my mind right, and when my mind is right the body follows.

Here are a few of my #VegaFueled runs recently

wpid-20140421_211002.jpg wpid-20140414_210951.jpg wpid-20140428_224018.jpg wpid-20140424_225729.jpg


#VegaSportSFE even helped me knock out a few great at home workouts too!

wpid-img_20140503_092805.jpg wpid-20140505_202552.jpg


Now for the true test. I had a race last Thursday, the Esprit de She in Katy. After a long day at work, over an hour in traffic to get to the race and countless other hiccups that normally would have knocked me for a loop, I took a deep breath, downed my VegaSport and hit the road. It was hot, humid and running on a busy road inhaling exhaust fumes from passing cars surely should have made that the WORST race ever but Vega gave me just enough ‘get up’ to go. I finished this race just 3 minutes slower than my best 10k time- and that run was in absolutely PERFECT conditions- cool, crisp air, cloudy skies etc! I couldn’t have done it without a little boost from Vega.

wpid-20140507_231944.jpg wpid-20140508_181633.jpg

Still had a little gas in the tank to finish strong! And had no trouble whatsoever falling asleep that night!!!


  1. Allison says:

    Omg I really like the Vega stuff too! I randomly bought if one day at Sprouts and tried it before a run and loved it. Something about it just feels more natural than other pre-workout drinks!

  2. eatsandexercisebyamber says:

    Wow, you look AWESOME running, the tiara hat is SO cute 🙂 look at you persevering and pushing through, i think vega helped, but YOU ultimately did it, so congratulations! I received the Pre Workout Energizer to try and I am a bit curious to know the difference between both of our products, time to research!

  3. Mary Long says:

    Great review. That does sound like bad race conditions. I would have been really grumpy by the time I got to the start.
    I keep missing out on opportunities for Fit Approach since the emails keep going to my junk mail. I just added their email to my address book so that should fix my problem!

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