Color Fun Fest 2014

First of all I’d like to thank Tara from
I’m Fit Possible for giving me the opportunity to cover this event and secondly I’d like to thank Jessica aka “Waffles” from Color Fun Fest for taking great care to make sure I had all the info I needed despite the minor hiccup in timing! You gals are a joy to work with and I hope to continue for many years!


I signed up for this event at the very last moment, literally, right Jessica?!?! I registered myself first and held my breath as I registered Big S to run with me. We sometimes bump heads and I wasn’t quite sure how she’d feel about running with me. Especially since I signed her up without her knowing! Turns out she was thrilled!


Packet pickup was a breeze! I cruised straight to the head of the line where Waffles cheerfully got me all my gear. I’ve never had Media credentials before- SOOO COOL!!!


I skimmed over all the race day info and made plans to head to the venue after Big S got off work. When we got there the crowd seemed a little thin, but we didn’t think much about it, we were ready to get colorful!

wpid-20140504_174751.jpg wpid-20140504_180248.jpg

We made our way over the the Party Zone and asked one of the volunteers where the start line was. He looked at us quizzically and said, “Over there, but they finished the last wave already” and without so much as a nod or another word he walked off. I was a little disheartened in his severe lack of willingness to be of assistance, but whatever, we were there to have fun and out in the distance I could see clouds of color and groups of people still running so Big S and I decided WHAT THE HECK, LET’S GO GET COLORED ANYWAY! And off we went.

We didn’t follow the course totally, we just kinda skipped around since there was hardly anyone else as far back as us.

The first color station we came to was yellow and boy those volunteers needed a dose of happy! They gave us dirty looks when we asked them to hit us with color. They said they were out as they sat texting next to near full drums of color. Oh well. We scooped up the powder from the ground and had our own dusting party! To heck with party poopers! Below is Big S’s impression of the volunteers from the first station!wpid-20140504_181212.jpg

We continued on to the next color and throughout the rest of the course the color splashers were WAY happier and loads of fun! Even if we got doused we still had powder fights at each station. Slapping colorful handprints onto each other and even the occasional colorful footprint to the booty! We jogged a little, walked a little, chatted some and smiled and laughed a LOT!wpid-20140504_181621.jpg wpid-20140504_181628.jpg wpid-20140504_184007.jpg wpid-20140504_184026.jpg wpid-20140504_184850.jpg

All in all we had a wonderful time. It was great to have that time with Big S. We don’t get an opportunity to spend time just the two of us so I am extremely grateful to I’m Fit Possible and Color Fun Fest for allowing us that mother-daughter bonding time!!!wpid-20140504_183916.jpg wpid-20140504_183941.jpg

If you have a chance to attend this run, you really ought to! Missed wave and all it was well worth it!

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